Technologies and Other Things that Will Disappear Within Next Ten Years

April 20, 2017
First Published On: August 17, 2016

Technologies change timely, looking back to a decade we have already achieved surprising advancement in technologies of different fields. Which show it won’t take too long to replace one technology by another, as well as the technologies are growing rapidly in a regular basis.

And it is also a fact that technologies progress constantly and as we get a modern advance system, the related previous technologies replace itself, this is because our new generation enjoys to adopt latest technology more.

There is no doubt that the enhancement in technologies are flawless and price winning, for example, CD/DVD ROM were replaced by tiny flash disk, Landline sets are jumped to extraordinary smartphones, Megabytes of computer memories turned to hundreds of Terabytes, a small networking system (Internet) switched to world of information and communication, and there is many more if we look back to the past.

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Technologies that are going to be disappear soon

History shows that the future technological world is going to be more interesting and even more advance. The world of technology is eager to give us a lot of new achievements; many reputed organizations are working to find out something new and latest.

As types of researches are under process and as we get something new regularly, we can identify that there is a lot of things under process and going to be achieved.

Here we have mentioned some of the technologies and other things that are going to disappear soon as per our research.

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USB Sticks

For storage purpose, USB users are started to shift towards smartphones. As per Ericsson’s mobility report, 70% of world population will be using smartphones over USB. The standard of storage for mobile phones are increasing regularly and it is highly focusing on cloud facility and companies like Google and Microsoft are already offering Dropbox facility.

Password or security keys

As every field today use passwords and security key it seems very difficult to replace it with any latest technology soon, however, biometric technology is taking market globally over security keys. Presently mobile phones and computer system use voice facial and fingerprint locks.

In coming days we don’t need any of those, biometric technology is going to take over them by turning every lock a smart lock.


Most of the automobile companies today are concerning to manufacture fully functional autonomous vehicles. Organizations like Google, Toyota are investing a huge budget for automation cars, Google has already given too many trials for already developed autonomous cars, and however, it is not being used publicly because of some legal and technical issues.

As the autonomous vehicle comes with the facility of AI it doesn’t require anyone to track or control over, which shows that Driving job is going to be in danger.

Remote control

The time to say goodbye to the remote control is not so far, the research firm Strategy Analytics predict that the Internet of Things (IOT) like smart home will connect to over 17.6 billion devices till 2020. Amazon Echo devices taking commands and voice search to a different level.

By 2020 most of the devices will be connected to the Internet and come with sensor effect so sensor control hardware inbuilt TV will take no longer to come to the market.

Paper works

Our world already called as digital world, which explains that most of the undergoing researches, development, are digital today. However, some developing countries still deal with large paper works, and it is not going this way so long as most of the systems today are connected to the Internet and digital world there is no doubt that paper works will disappear soon.

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