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Top 5 Drones

Top 5 Drones with Unique Features Available Now

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With the change in tech, people believed gadgets to be a part of life. Drones are one of the gadgets being used worldwide now for adventures and other similar purposes.They are described to be a miniature that is able to fly with minimum power used. We have discovered few drones with unique features which are as such:

Parrot Hydrofoil

Parrot Hydrofoil

This drone is uniquely designed for running both in water and in air. Hydrofoil uses propellers to move on water, while wings to float in the air. This tech gadget is designed in such a way, that, it could split into two different drones.

Parrot Hydrofoil comes with impressive design, and features. It is integrated with app system through which user can control it. But, this hybrid drone lasts 5 minutes at most. Also, switching between ride mode and flight mode is annoying. The faster it seems, it can go off 6.2 miles per hour on the water. The company, Parrot, marked its price of $125.

Loon Coptor

Loon Coptor

Loon Coptor is the very first drone that is able to swim under water. This multi-platform drone can be used for aerial flight, on-water ride, and sub-water dive. The team of four: Dr. Osamah Rawashdeh, Sean Simpson, and two Graduate Student assistants made this drone.

With this drone, you will be able to fly it in air or use it as your swimming pool investigating partner.

Parrot Disco

Parrot Disco

Parrot Disco is the first drone that works similar to the facebook drone. With the features like auto take off, and return home tweaks, this drone is perfect for the smart tech enthusiast.

Disco works when the flight plan is inserted in its server. Now, there is no need of a particular app to control your drone. When it finishes the flight, it returns to you. Also, with the 2700 mAh battery, this drone will give you 45 minutes of live recording. Not just that, you will be able to take it anywhere, as it’s wings are detachable. It is available now for the price $1299.

Snap Drone

Snap Drone

Snap is the world first 4K flying camera which is portal, reliable and comes with unique features. The unique tweak in this drone is propeller protection and its flying stabilization.

Snap Drone comes with a smart tracking system and smart battery. You can thus track battery charge percentage and the range limit. Also, it is armed with lots sensor that helps it to stay in control. The 12 MP 4K recorder helps you to record single or multiple shots.

Fotokite Drone

Fotokite Drone

All the drones available now comes with limited flight power. But, this particular drone comes with unlimited flying capacity. Fotokite is the first type in its class with the hold-on feature. This feature helps in flight stability and drone height control.

Fotokite is portable, as it is lightweight. Now you can take it with you, like a balloon for a child, and record the way you like it.

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top 5 super e bikes

Top 5 Super E-Bikes

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Have you ever heard about E-bikes? Just imagine your bikes doesn’t require any gasoline to run. It is similar to electric cars we discussed earlier.

Mileage and other technical issues are long gone as it is replaced by latest tech. Currently, there are hundreds of e-bike manufacturing companies around the world that produce such bikes with unique features.

Here is the list of top 5 e-bikes that you must see and try to get one.

Flux Super E-Bike

Flux E-Bike

Flux is simple; you just have to turn it on and ride. It is a bit faster than normal bikes while pedalling; if you don’t want to pedal then there’s an option for you to throttle. The motor is located between the pedal which is a special factor.

The Motor gives mechanical advantage to riders to switch between automatic and manual ride. You could climb hills quicker and rich to the top faster with this feature. This e-bike comes with 17Ah Lithium battery that could go up to 46 miles on full charge. The battery has key lock security and is portable. You can take it (only battery) to your home, office or any place and charge. Also, this bike features USB port that is handy for charging electric devices on the go. Flux comes with hydraulic brakes and Suntour suspension.

Super73 Super E-Bike

Super 73 E-Bike

Super73 is powerful e-bike by Lithium Cycles. If you love bikes with flat tires, and naked; this one is perfect for you. With the 1000W of power, this bike is premium fit for people with a height of 5.2 to 6.5-inches. Better than that, to ride this bike, you do not need a licence.

This e-bike is a powerful electric bike with full of features. The Californian design bike comes with bottle holder. You can ride through streets and use it as dirt bikes, as it comes with 1000W power. Also, there is no registration fees and insurance costs. Super73 was built to eliminate the monthly gas payments. This model is able to ramp up at the speed of 27 mph with the ride of 20 miles per charge. Also, who wouldn’t like to ride this fat bike.

Carbon SUV Super E-Bike

Carbon SUV E-Bike

If you want to own e-bike that is durable, strong and with sporty looks? If yes, Carbon SUV is the perfect choice for you. It is crowdfunded bike which you will be able to get for as low as $1990. It is now available in Australia, Alaska, the Middle East, South America, and the UK.

The bike features carbon frame that makes it lightweight. It comes in 3 different versions: 250W, 500W and 749W. This e-bike features 8-speed gear and gas shock absorber. You will be able to ride this bike at the speed ranging from 15.5 mph to 21.7 mph according to the version you choose. It is armed with 36V Lithium Ion battery with the capacity of 12 Ah. If you are dirt bike enthusiast, we recommend this bike to you.

Zap Super E-Bike

Zap E-Bikes

Want to ride a bike that is lightweight and cheap? Zap Bikes is a perfect choice for you. The company, Zap Bikes, introduced two e-bikes named Zap Cross and Zap Urban that would cost you merely $3000 for two.

With the introductory price of $949 for Urban and $1199 for Cross, this bike comes with elegant classic design and best tech integration. Unlike above bikes with removable battery features, this bike contains sealed battery, though. It is armed with a torgue sensor, Keyless start and mileage of 70km per charge.

Stealth B-52 Super E-Bike

Stealth B-52 E-Bike

Do not want the classic e-bike like Zap, how about a bike with shocking speed? For the speed upto 50 mph, Sealth B-52 is the perfect bike to start with. Also, this bike is able to cover 80 km of distance per charge.

B-52 comes with 5200W power with bulletproof technology. The parts used in this bike is premium, thus does not give any problems in future. Also, the design will increase your status. Priced at $10800, this will cost you 1 cent per km in its life cycle.

Graphene features

Graphene – A Game Changing Technology, Features and Uses

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Drawn with a pencil? Its graphene what you made with! Graphene is 2D atomic substance thousands of times thinner than hair and is extracted from Graphite. The scientists started analysing graphene since 1859, but the exact way to extract this rare substance was never possible until 2004. Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were awarded with Novel Prize as they found ‘graphene’ in a tape, used to bind graphite.

Graphene is the lightweight and thinnest substance in the world. It is thousands of times thinner than your hair; a single hair! And it is as light as a feather. Due to its thin layer and the light weight, it is flexible enough to be bent as you like.

Graphene Lightweight

Graphene is the world’s first 2D material that is highly conductive to electricity next to us humans. Graphene is thinnest yet strongest material. It is 300 times stronger than steel and harder than diamond.

So what would graphene help to achieve? That’s the great question. To answer this question, you should know where graphene could be used! Graphene composites could be used in aerospace, biotechnology, as energy storage also alternative fuels. The graphene tech could also be weird, or better; its still to see!

Use of Graphene in Aerospace

‘Where would be graphene used? Graphene is thinner than hair!’

Use of Graphene in Aerospace

The reproducible parts like trays, storage areas, lockers, seat fill-ins could be replaced by the use of graphenes. The graphene materials would be light-weight and could reduce the total weight of the aeroplane than that was before. Flying cars could also use graphene to make it better.

“Aerospace’s goal: No compromise on safety!

Graphene in Vehicles

The Sesto Elemento of Lamborghini uses carbon fibre to decrease the total weight of a car. Now imagine a car made up of graphene; the car would be super strong and super lightweight. Graphene is way stronger than 300 sheets of steel and harder than diamonds. The car would also be the eco-friendly car as graphene also functions as a solar panel.

Tesla Uses Graphene Battery

It is not totally perfect, as the graphene are bendable, and it would be hard to mass-produce such thing. But if there is a way out, carbon fibre would be totally replaced!

Graphene in Electronics

Electronics, mainly phones and TVs are getting slimmer day by day. The phone now comes in 5mm thickness and TVs less than 3-inches thickness. Now imagine again a gadget with the thickness less than a paper; and also the weight of 1 gramme or less!

Graphene is a good conductor of current better than copper, so when graphene is used to build the electronics, it is likely to boost performance and build quality. Rather than using old-tech models, you could use new.

Display made up of graphene

The Graphene Council commented about the use of the material in electronics. The graphene could be used to make electronics with a flexible display, boosted RAM and SAR value reduced.

 “Gra-Phones, Gra-TVs, or more!

Alternative Energy Source

Have you thought about the alternative power source? The energy you are using is not limitless, it might end one day, maybe tomorrow! The electricity, or lithium, polymer and more sources are being exploited and in time, they may disappear from existence. So what would be the best alternative? – Graphene it is!

Graphene Battery

Recently, Spanish company ‘Graphenano’ announced a polymer battery made up from Graphene. This battery allows a car to travel nearly 500 miles on a single charge. Tesla Model 3 can travel 500 miles on a single charge! Are they related? Is graphene battery already been tested then? It might be possible, as tesla is yet to mention about the battery.

Batteries from graphene could be a game changer. As graphene is disposable, the battery could be used as fertiliser. You would get two benefits from a single battery!

Boosts up Solar Panels

Imagine a solar panel with the capacity to collect charge faster from the heat of the Sun! The use of graphene would make it possible. The solar panels are made up of conductive materials that could collect electrons from the rays of the sun. Graphene is a good conductor, yet is not better enough to collect electric atoms from solar panels.

Graphene Solar Panel

Graphene Oxide is the best alternative to using with solar panels. It is not much conductive, but could collect charge from panels faster. It helps to alter the electron molecules that ultimately excite the electron to generate electricity.

Other Uses of Graphenes

  1. Graphene Sensors
  2. Ultra-Filtration
  3. Defence
  4. Bio-medical Applications
  5. Super Capacitors
  6. Use in Industries
nanotechnology will change our future

How Nanotechnology will Change our Future World; What Will be The Applications of Nanotechnology

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In the past of industrial engineering, technology characterized by the length only appeared in microelectronics, however, presently we are being close to nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is the development and implementation of functional structures designed through atomic, supramolecular and molecular scale with including minimum one characteristic dimension measured in nanometers (nm).

A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, if we compare the size of nm to human hair it should split eight hundred 100 particles. This size allows them to reveal novel and remarkably increased physical, chemical and biological characteristics, phenomena, and procedure.

Nanotechnology may give us an unprecedented understanding of materials and devices and can be effective in a number of fields.

By implementing structure at nanoscale into a tunable physical variable, the outcomes for the range of performance can be enhanced surprisingly of available materials and chemicals.

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How nanotechnology will change our future world

The Northwestern University, professor of chemistry, Mr. Chad Mirkin says, ‘Everything when miniaturized to the sub hundred-nanometer range has new functionalites, regardless of what it is’, that makes nano-system the future of the materials.

The unique properties acknowledged with nanotechnology associated with engineered nanomaterials may provide a positive benefit to the health and safety concerns.

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A government agency of Australia, Safe Work Australia, is enabling policy direction after research and providing guidelines towards the potential health implications and work safety through the applications of nanotechnology.

The prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti, the Max Planck institute says the potential of nanotechnology; we’re going to get giant leaps in efficiencies in places such as water and energy technologies.

Due to nanotechnologies, batteries will come with ten times higher density. That is, battery backup of laptops will reach from 3 to 30 hours. And an electronic car will go from 50 Km to 500 Km.

Future nanotechnology could be helpful to medical diagnostic, building better backups or storage, enhancing the work performance, climate forecasting, industrial or technological development and much more, so without a doubt, it is going to be one of the best research and would be helpful for tens of decades.

Source: automotive

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Applications of Nanotechnology

Technology and Electronics

Nanotechnologies are expected to give us some major advances in computing and electronics, with faster smaller and even more portable system, which can manage thousand times more data or information than the existing system does.

Medical or health

An existing application of nanotechnology in health sector involves employing nano-system to deliver medicine, light, heat and other different substances to specific types of cells like cancer. Nanotechnology can allow earlier detection and direct treatment of diseases, decline the damages of healthy cells etc.


Nanotechnology can take security to a different level, In few years security cameras will be useless, the tiny nanocams going to be responsible for this, which are very easy to handle, well programmed that can automatically follow the movement.

Not only that it will give us thousands time stronger armor than steel, however, light as a feather that could be a great achievement for the military.

Weather or climate

Nanotechnology-enabled sensors can already detect and identify biological or chemical agents in the air and soil with extremely higher sensitivity than ever before.

Nanoparticles are using to remove water pollution through chemical reactions and the development is still going for handling large scale. In future, it can help to fulfill the need of water at very low cost, and identification of impurities in water.


Nanotechnology offers the designing and development of multifunctional body parts of a vehicle, which will contribute to build and maintain lighter, smarter, safer and even more efficient vehicles spacecraft, ships, aircraft as well as provides different means to enhance the transportation infrastructure.

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Some uses of Nanotechnology

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notable companies shares\

Top 5 Notable Companies Shares; Then and Now

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Investing in shares may be the secondary investment for investors, but, those shares could make them millionaire or billionaire with a sudden increase and bring them to the road with sudden decrease. Well, we are not talking about how to invest in those shares, but about the shares of tech giants like Facebook, Google and more. Such notable companies worth is necessary to find out whether the company sustains or not in the future market. Here are prices of notable tech companies shares:

Twitter (TWTR)

Twitter Stock Price

Twitter, the social media founded by Jack Dorsey went public on 7 November 2013, Thursday with quoted price of $26 per share. The offering was made on NY Stock Exchange with the first trade price of $45.10.

Twitter surely grew its stock price up to $73.31 on 26 December 2013. Now, on 2nd September, the share price decreased to $19.55. It is $6.45 less than its IPO offering. Still, it is growing as its lowest price went up to $14.01 on 5th March 2016.

Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft Stock Price

Microsoft, the software company founded by Bill Gates went public on 13 March 1986, with quoted price of $21 per share. The price went up to $27.75 at the end of the day.

Unlike Twitter, which went below the price of IPO offering; Microsoft led the steady way of increment. Currently, the per share price is $57.67 as of 2nd September 2016. The company provided 0.36 as a dividend on 15 August 2016.

Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Apple Stock Price

Apple, co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went public on 12 December 1980, with quoted price of $22 per share. The offering was made from NASDAQ.

The highest known close price of Apple was $701.91, on 18 September 2012. As of 2nd September 2016, the share price is $107.73 and is increasing.

Facebook (FB)

Facebook Stock Price

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg went public on 18 May 2012 with quoted price of $38 per share. The offering was made from NASDAQ, which raised $16.007 billion.

Considering the new projects by Facebook, the company is growing its market price at a slow pace. On 2nd September 2016, the share price is $126.51 and is growing at the rate of 0.27 per cent. As of now, the share price is exactly increased by $88.51 than the initial offering.

Google (GOOG)

Google Stock Price

Google, co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin went public on  19 August 2004 with quoted price of $85 per share. Google is the only company to get success in share market than all these companies.

Google, being a sole search engine with features; this company is also best for its employee’s benefits. GOOG is moving at its highest speed reaching 800% more than its initial offering price. On 2nd September 2016, the share price is $771.46 with the increase rate of 0.35 per cent.

batman telltale game plot choices

Batman Telltale Game, Plot, Choices and Expected Villains

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Batman TellTale Series is the most waited episodic game developed by Telltale Games, based on Bill and Bob Batman comic series. The game is to be distributed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The game has no ties to previous games and movies.

The developers of Batman Game earned popularity through The Wolf among Us, The Walking Dead and Games of Thrones that collected numerous fans and critics. But, this series would be something more, something extra that never existed before. This time, the game would be a periodic launch, a movie within a game and an Artificial Intelligence that allows user to play with the decision they make.

This episodic series is similar to virtual digital Batman comic book. This series features a cast of talent, Mr Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne, Enn Reitel as Wayne’s Butler Alfred Pennyworth, Murphy Guyer as James Gordon including Richard McFonagle, Laura Bailey, Tarvis Willingham, Erin Yvette and also Renee Montoya.

Batman Telltale Game Plot

Enter the split mind of Wayne, a Gotham billionaire and discover the extensive moments you choose being a Dark Knight. You will be able to discover the ups and downs of Wayne’s world and explore through the corrupted Gotham city.

Choice of Choices

The future of Gotham City would be in your hands! You will be the one who will decide the positive or negative future of Wayne as well as the city.

You will be new in character as well as personality. The tied character of Batman exists no more! You will be on your own who write new present, and future of a billionaire playboy, his personal life, a personality of detective and his dark persona, Batman!

How Batman Telltale Game would be like?

The player will play as the hero; well, not in this game. The player will have access to the normal along with the dark identity, being Bruce Wayne and Batman both. The CEO of Telltale Games, Mr Kevin Burner explained that the game offers player to play with the normal man-life situation along with the superhero role. The game set is few years after Wayne steps in to the Superhero play to make the game more flexible, so that player could play without altering the fact of being Wayne as Batman. The game also features a pre-made narration to the story, and the options for every situation that affects the game later. This game would be a brand new detective game, where the player will play Batman not for just entertainment but also for the discovery.

Expected Villians


Joker is the oldest villain in the Batman series. Joker could be one villain in this game. The white face with long red mouth, black eyes and dressed up as gentle joker; we can expect to see this face in the game too.


A contract killer we saw in some Batman movies, Deadshot might be yet another. The trailer of this game showed a party venue same as in Batman movie (cartoon). Deadshot is another probable villain as he carries an armed gun to shoot from far away.


Well ScareCrow isn’t much of villain if he does not have his infective medicine. Still, he might appear in the game as another villain.

New Villain

Why always old? New villain also might show up. Who? Let’s guess, Superman maybe!

Batman Telltale Release Date

Batman comes in five episodes, pretty small? Nope! If this game is most awaited, it must be a big blast. The first episode will be released in 2nd August 2016. Signup for the game now, if you want to play!

The game supports different devices Desktop/Laptop, Mobile/Tablets and Console/TV. You could pre-order this game from Telltale, Steam powered Store and GOG Store.

technological changes to expect in avaiation

Top Five Technological Changes to Expect in Avaiation

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With the change in technology, we moved from vintage cars to modern cars, regular cars to luxurious cars, and from gasoline cars to electric cars. Also, in near future, we might be able to get access to flying cars. The change is ever-running. Likewise, the change in aviation might be taken as greater dynamics. The same old type of aeroplanes changed to modern jet or private jet forms.

Looking back to 1960s, the planes were likely to have standard seats parallel on the lobby. But, for now, the jets include luxurious cabins and class. Recently, Air ETIHAD introduced all-in-one jet with casino, bar, spa and sleeping pods. Thus, we can expect more in near future. We compiled some information and here is the list of future changes that are likely to happen.

Entertainment Arena

Airplane Entertainment Arena

Well, the planes we board now comes with front entertainment panel. We are able to listen to music, or watch videos while travelling. But, entertainment does not always mean music and videos. Sometimes it also means playing games, and web chat.

As mobile tech has already taken the place of enjoyment, it would be wonderful if travellers would be able to use mobile phones. Where there will be no availability of the internet, passengers would be able to surf through their daily activities by syncing the phone to aero-device.


Airplane AirFi

After the introduction of LiFi, AirFi came to existence. This tech was first introduced in Netherlands low-cost planes. Actually, AirFi does not connect you to the internet; instead, it connects you to an internal network. Through this concept, travellers would be able to surf through a wide range of movies, music and viral videos. This revolutionary tech is able to load contents directly to the accessible device of passengers according to preference.

Cinema Seat

Airplane Cinema Seat

Well, it doesn’t really mean you will get cinema hall; but it surely means to provide comfortability in seating. The flexible seats like we see in the hall could be used in an aeroplane to provide a real-time ride to passengers. This concept was first introduced by Italian manufacturer which is used in Airbus’ economy class that allows flexible movements of seats. This feature is equally beneficiary for emergency landing too.

Sleeping Rooms

Airplane Sleeping Rooms

We have seen sleeping area in trains, buses, and even for employees of Google and Yahoo. Now, the very same concept is being applied in aeroplanes. This concept of using sleeping pods on board could be used in empty space like cargo or upper base. This concept was first planned to be implemented by Airbus. Etihad Airways applied this concept.

Casino and Bar

Airplane Bar

This concept is not forthcoming, as it is already applied by Emirates Airways. To entertain the business or special class passengers, this type of concept was introduced. Passengers could play casino, or take a sip of wine while flying.

elon musk launches neuralink

Elon Musk launches ‘Neuralink’; Company that Works to Connect Human Brain with Computers or AI

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A future-oriented entrepreneur, founder (CEO) of SpaceX and Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk has launched another company, “Neuralink” that aims to interconnect human brain with computers through the wireless interface; Which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in 27/03/2017.

The eventual purpose of merging human brain with software could keep advancements in artificial intelligence, and these achievements could enhance memory or even allow for more direct interfacing with computing devices.

At first, the company is planning to use “neural lace” technology to implant electrodes focus on treating depression, neural disorders, and epilepsy. If that goes well, the applications could enlarge tremendously, the Journal reported.

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Mr. Musk twits about his new project

Source: Twitter 

A few months ago Musk hinted at the existence of Neuralink, to a crowd in Dubai he further mentioned that he thinks, over time we will possibly see a closer merger of digital intelligence and biological intelligence.

He added, “It’s mostly about the bandwidth, the required time for the connection to your brain and the digital version of yourself, basically output.”

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Progress on Neuralink

As per the Wall Street Journal story, Neuralink is registered as a medical research company and it already hired some of the high profile personalities; entrepreneur Max Hodak himself acknowledged as a founding member of the Neuralink.

They further mentioned other members who are hired: Vanessa Tolosa, a specialist in flexible electrodes and an engineer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and; Timothy Gardner, a professor at Boston University, famous for implanting small electrodes in the brain of finches to study the way birds sing.

And lastly, a Professor at UC San Francisco, Mr. Philip Sabes, who research on how the brain manages movement and also participated in the Beneficial AI conference, sponsored by Mr. Musk.

Like SpaceX or Telsa, Neuralink also plans to present a working prototype to be sure that the technology is secure or safe and viable before stepping to the more precious target of enhancing the performance of the human race.

Musk himself mentioned to the Vanity Fair that he is fully convinced with the technology for a meaningful partial brain interface and which is about four-five years away.

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expensive yacht owned by individual

Top 5 Expensive Yacht Owned by Individual

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To go for long sea-surf, what would you use? Boats or Jet skis would not be that comfortable. One should either have amphibious vehicles or Yachts. Well, Yachts are way more expensive and is a symbol of being rich. As they include the features similar to luxury hotels, most of the people can only have a dream of owning one.

The giant ships like Titanic or any other Navy ships are not available for individual purchase. Thus, people of 21st century go for Yacht with features like pools, cabins and even helipads. Travelling/Surfing in such luxurious ships surely gives some respect yet it is limited as a dream to a common man.

Larry Page Yacht

It is worth mentioning Yacht owned by the co-founder of Google, Larry Page which cost him $45 million. This yacht includes onboard GYM, cabins and helipad. Here, we have compiled some luxurious Yacht around the world of which price tag goes beyond $200 million.

Lady Moura Yacht

Lady Moura Yacht

Lady Moura is one elegant yacht known for its luxury. It is worth mentioning as it cost $210 million to Nasser Al-Rashid, a well-known businessman of Saudi Arabia.

Almost all parts are made out of steel along with 24-carat gold naming letters. This luxurious beauty features swimming pool, VIP suites, and need crew team of 60.

Al Mirqab Yacht

Al Mirqab Yacht

If you are searching for the largest motor yacht, Al Mirqab is the one. Built in Germany, this luxury toy cost $250 million to Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. He is well known as the ex-prime minister of Qatar.

This luxurious ship was built in 2008 with the length scaled at 133 meters. With the capacity of 24 VIP guests, to run this Yacht needs 55 crew members. Like of all VIP yacht, this piece also includes a helipad, pool and hall.

Pelorus Yacht

Pelorus Yacht

Pelorus was first owned by Roman Abramovich which was sold to US billionaire David Geffen in 2011. This finest yacht is now owned by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Its price ranges $300 million to $320 million.

Pelorus comes with two helipads and VIP suites. As this luxurious toy was previously owned by Abramovich family, it’s interior designs and features were never revealed.

Sailing Yacht A

Sailing Yacht A

Better known as a successor of Mega yacht or Superyacht, this gorgeous ship cost $345 million to Andrey Melnichenko, Russian Billionaire. He bought this yacht in September 2015, replacing his old super yacht.

This baby is built out of steel and carbon fibre. It measures 390 feet in length and 62 feet in width. Sailing Yacht A features helipad, VIP suites and pool. The exact number of rooms are still unknown.

Eclipse Yacht

Eclipse Yacht

Till date, this super yacht is the most expensive one. Although there are the rumours of History Supreme being most expensive, there is no probable clue to make the rumour true. Eclipse, made in Germany, costs $1.5 billion to Roman Abramovich; the Russian businessman.

With the features like helipads, and bulletproof glass; this beauty also includes defence system especially defending missiles. As we all know, Big Boys Toys are expensive, this, its maintenance cost is also higher. It may cost around two Larry Page’s yacht per year. In figures, it may reach $85 million annually.

water toys you should try

Top 6 Water Toys You Should Try in a Life Time

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Whenever we talk about cool gadgets; flying cars, amphibious vehicles, or hi-fi tech may be the first thing that comes to our mind. And we all dream about having it in future. The advancement in technology is speeding and progressing as you are reading this. Here, we are talking about some of the coolest water toys that you need to know about.

Take a ride like never before in your own predator style sea monster, the seabreacher or maybe a ride on a flying water bike. Check out the list of top 6 coolest toys of water world that everyone must try once in a lifetime.



Subwing is an artificial wings/fins that allow a swimmer to dive deep into the fast flowing sea water without any trouble of sea-current. Designed by Simon Sivertsen, these fins help swimmer and adventurer to actually swim like a sea creature. Subwing is the handheld fin that is towed with the speedboat. If you ever had a dream to swim like dolphins , now is your chance.

Subwing is made up of two hydrodynamic flaps joined together with steel and rubber at the centre. Thus, it helps to ride above and below the sea water. By twisting flaps, rider can go up, down, right and left at ease. Simon got this idea while he was sailing through Greek islands. The very first prototype was made out of waterski rope and a piece of driftwood. After applying those design practically, finally Subwing came to existence. Whether you ride above the sea or below with dolphins and sea creatures; you will never forget the experience.



Have you ever played gokart? If yes, then you will enjoy go karting in water. Wokart, the watercraft that looks perfectly like how gokart. The marine version of gokart is a very first water toy in human history. Designed by Dr. Albert Nazarov, wokart gives you a feeling of riding a speedboat and a car at a same time. Honestly, this toy tops the chart with its design.

The miniature shape is the main feature that allows the kart to be fast and responsive. In comparison to som regular water boats, its ability to take a ninety-degree turn at its top speed is a perfect fun material ever invented in a water boat. WoKart is designed to change your experience in regular boating and driving. The massive 70 HPengine is the best feature of this water Cart which enables it to attain the top-up speed of 65 kilometres per hour. For now, the company has designed only a single seated model; the twin seater is planned for future.

Jetsurf Motorized Surfboard

Jetsurf Motorized Surfboard

Made especially for surfers, this surfboard claims to keep you safe from massive sea tides. Samsung once created Galaxy surfboard with similar features, but here you will get something more. Designed by Martin Sula, this new motorized surfboard is one popular talk you should know.

JetSurf is the twin combination of regular surfboard and jetski. With the speed upto 45 miles per hour depending upon the different models, this gadget claims the total top-up speed of 45 miles per hour when fully fueled. Made out of ultralight carbon, Jetsurf is better travel companion compared to then jetski. The riders are able to control the speed of this tech using a squeeze or release technique with the help of a handheld remote button linked with the board’s connector enabling the rider to burst off or go slow.

Jetovator Flying Bike

Jetovator Flying Bike

Let’s check out on another coolest water monster designed for water fun, the water bike? Jetavation Inc. made a new concept jetovator that looks similar to the normal bike. This toy is made with dynamic configuration, thus learning is a piece of cake. It takes two people to operate this jetovator; one on jetski and another to fly this bike.

The 40 feet long pipe outputs water from jetski to jetovator and the use of two hand controllers, the rider is able to control the flow of water. This gadget lets you fly upto 25 meter on air and upto 10 feet of dive in water. If you are stuntmaster, you can do backflip or barrel roll in mid year. And if you do not want to go solo, the company offers twin base model. Jetovator surely works as enjoyment toy for those who loves to get wet.

Jetlev Flyer

Jetlev Flyer

Do you like jetpacks? One that seen on the 007 James Bond Movie? Or the other seen in Men in Black 3? Well surely, that kind of tech is not available at the moment; but it’s not quite true. The new Jetlev Flyer might be the perfect alternative. Designed by MS Watersports company, this jetpack allows you to fly above the sea water with the speed of 22 miles per hour for an hour.

Jetlev Flyer might be the safest jetpack ever invented. As it is water propelled and can’t be flown above land; a fabulous experience on water is guaranteed. The jet comes in two piece, one with jetpack controller and another with main system. The main system is placed in autonomous boat that follows rider. This boat works when is tethered to the controllers. This water toy is available in many water resorts around the US, Canada, UK and Australia.



Have you ever dreamed of having your own submarine? How about an underwater sports car? You can now have all these, just in case you get your hands on sea breacher. Designed by Rob Innes and Dan Piazza, this toy is claimed to be the most powerful, stable and safe watercraft.

Seabreacher is the only watercraft ever built with the feature to work as full functional submarine and speed water car. This toy is able to go below and above the water in ease. This sea monster is able to cut through sea waves, do barrel roll. The company designs the models and looks as per the need of customer. If you like whales, you can ask them to make one for you. This breacher is made up of 260 HP that gives you perfect speed ride.