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July 26, 2016
First published on:July 26, 2016
by HitBerry

As you watch sports like Cricket, Golf or Football; you can feel the essence of a tradition of the same course of action till date. But as tech is inventing more innovation and driving sports to its full potential, the game we love becomes more preferable. The use of sensors, cameras, data analysis tools is opening a new field for sports in current time.

Can you make some guesses about tech used in sports? Yes, you can! The game recorder, play bots, or some more is the result of the use of technology. The use of this tech is improving the way of playing, viewing and enjoying sports which were a dream of past.

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Tech Gadgets Used in Cricket

The sports Cricket has gone through much of tech advancement and improved the accuracy in a game through the DRS (Decision Review System). The DRS was introduced and was started to use in 2008. This system was approved by ICC (International Cricket Council) as the system was best for review. This tech was designed by Hawk-Eye Innovations.

Cricket Tech

The DRS was reintroduced in 2013 with improved version with Snickometer that signals whenever the ball hits a bat or a pad. The microphones used in this system are able to detect even a small noise.

Another tech introduced in 2013 is Cricket is BSRPM (Ball Spin Revolution per Minute). This system is used to analyse how fast the ball spins after the swing and release.

UltraEdge system is yet another innovation linked in cricket world in 2015. This system is capable of syncing motion cameras and audio from microphones of the stump that are used to detect whether the ball is hit or not.

The most interesting tech among all is LED Stump, introduced through World T20 cricket. This system lights up every time the ball hits the stump. The LED lights up even for the close call.

Tech Used in Football

Football Go line Tech

Football is no more the traditional game. Now you can watch the accurate result of goals and who scored. The Goal-line technology GDS (Goal Decision System) used in this game helps to know whether the ball has crossed the border or not.

The Euro Cup 2016 implemented GDS made by Hawk-Eye Technologies to monitor D-Box. The system uses five or more cameras that could capture records at 600 frames per second. Also, there is lighting effect inside a system that works every time there is a perfect score. Actually, GDS is addition assistance to referees.

Tech Used in Golf

Golf Tech

Golf game also can’t escape from tech advancement. UWS (Ultrasound Wind Technology) used by British National Sailing Team is now also the part of Golf Channel. This system is used to measure the speed and direction of wind flow.

The cameras used in Golf game are pro tech that could measure the angle of the ball and provide a detailed picture. The use of a sensor in golf stick is used to analyse swings and speed of which ball passes air. These sensors help in tracking data too.


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