Taya Parker Blessed with a son; Is she Married or still Dating? Know her past affairs here!

An American model and actress, Taya Parker has kissed popularity from her professional career, but little is known about her private affairs. Details regarding her relationship status are unknown to many of her fans. Is she romantically linked with any other star or is she still single?


Being a famous personality of the Hollywood Industry, most of her fans are really eager to know the truth behind her personal life partner, if any. So, today we are going to reveal the details of her romantic life. Stay tuned to have the unanswered questions answered:

What is the current relationship status of Taya Parker?

The winner of VH1 reality TV show Rock of Love Bus, Taya Parker has lots of fans who are really wanting to hook up with her. But the question everyone is curious about who she is really hooking up with.

[ CAPTION: Taya Parker ]

After digging into Taya’s personal life, currently, she is not found to be romantically linked with any guy. Even if we look into her social media sites, we couldn’t find her with any guy except her fans and colleagues.

[ CAPTION: Taya Parker kissing her friend ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Looking into her Twitter posts, we can see her focusing primarily on her career. Also, she has not spoken about her personal life anywhere. Maybe she doesn’t want to show her personal life to the public eye, or there might be another reason. What do you think?

Was Taya Parker married in her past?

Well, we know that she is currently not in any kind of relationships. But, do you think she was married in the past? With her private life kept far from the prying eyes of her fans, it is really hard to estimate her marital status.

[ CAPTION: Taya Parker ]

The relationship status of Taya has been confusing as her twitter post shook the internet as she wished her son an 18th Happy Birthday. She also thanked him for the wonderful blessing she got for being a mother.

[ CAPTION: Taya Parker wishing birthday to her son ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

After looking at all this, you got more confused, didn’t you? Is that boy her own son? If so, who is the father of her son? If not, when did she adopt him? All answers to this question are still unanswered and unknown to us.

Taya Parker’s Dating History

Even after being a famous personality of Hollywood, she has been able to keep her personal life at bay. So we have been getting fewer rumors and controversies regarding her personal life. But if we back up to 2009, she was in a romantic relationship with Bret Michaels after her appearance in the TV show Rock of Love.

[ CAPTION: Taya Parker with her ex-boyfriend Bret Michaels ][ SOURCE: TV fantastic ]

However, Taya’s relationship with him didn’t last long. The pair separated on the same year without disclosing the reason for their break up. After that, she has been single her whole life.

All in all, Taya Parker has been a determined actress and a model, working hard to create a name for herself. With her private life kept private, she is currently single but, has a son of 18 years.