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Tavis Smiley net worth; See his Mansion in LA and tips for buying a car. Salary and career??

November 22, 2016
First published on:November 22, 2016
by John

Tavis Smiley is a bachelor of 49 who is famous as a radio host, political commentator, philanthropist and author. The single man lives a life of a celebrity within his LA mansion. So, if you wonder how much is his net worth and salary then we are here with the answer to that on our today's digest. The host has a huge mansion in LA, his interest in cars are also phenomenal as well.

To add to that our sources confirms that Smiley earned the total sum of $12 million from many ventures he has worked with and is recently hosting a privet show on his own as well.

Net Worth and  Salary

The LA resident has worked with some of the big news networks and has earned a reputation which has established him as a favorite black political pundit throughout the nation. The hard working political commentator has his hands in many ventures. He has written thirty-one books about social and political issues of American society. Most of his books are best sellers, so if we combine his salary from news networks he works with, His privet radio show and royalties from the books he sold his net worth reaches somewhere around $12 million.

Salaries from BET Talk show on BET and The Tavis Smiley Show on NPS including his show on NPR if added together his salary reaches around the US $ 70,000 per month which is the reason he could buy a house like this.

Career in Journalism

The Political commentator Travis completed his bachelor's degree in the public affair and started working  as a political commentator for the famous  Tom Joyner Morning Show  and in MSNBC. He then took on ABC as well as CNN's several talk show as well. Furthermore, he writes for online digests and does blog posting as well. You can find his post on how to buy a car at the top of search engines too.



He was also an instructor of  Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in his early days. He then started working for the famous  BET Tonight with Tavis Smiley on BET television and on PBS’Tavis Smiley in early 2004. He is a many time NAACP Image Award for the best news category, Best discussions discussion, and information series category. He won the NCAP for three successive times, from 1997 to 2009.

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