Tavis Smiley announced his new Inspirational show; Know in detail about his Married Life and Relation

It seems like there is not a single television host who is not involved in sex scandals. You might probably be familiar with the news of sex scandal involving the famous movie producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Just like Matt Damon, Mark HalperinBill O'Reilly Tavis was also recently accused of having inappropriate relationships with his subordinates. As a result, he was dropped from his show, Tavis Smiley’s talk show. Less than a month after, he is back again with a new show. Find all details right here on Hitberry. 

Tavis Smiley Back Again With The Upside with Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley has been working in the television industry for more than two and a half decades, starting in the year 1991. So till date, he has gathered a huge fan base. Apart from being a popular host, Tavis is also the radio host, political commentator, philanthropist, and author.

Tavis wrote a book, 50 for Your Future in which he has shared lessons learned over the years and another one, My Journey With Maya.

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[ CAPTION: Book, 50 for Your Future written by Tavis Smiley ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Not long ago, Tavis has been accused of sex harassment by an anonymous person.

Following the accusations, PBS appointed a law firm in order to initiate an investigation. On investigations carried out by PBS, Tavis was indeed found to be involved in behaviors that are inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS.

[ CAPTION: Tavis Smiley on NBC's, Meet The Press ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Hence PBS suspended him citing, "multiple, credible allegations of conduct". Interesting fact, unlike all other accused ones, he is defending himself with perseverance and aggressively fighting back for his career. He is determined to get his reputation back and sue the channel for the damage inflicted on his professional career. Here's a video of himself defending.

Smiley denied saying that romance between colleagues is difficult to avoid. Wow! look at his audacity telling that making sexual advancements are normal. More than that he also made an announcement to talk regarding relationships in the workplace. Do you get the irony here?

Now he is back again, starting a new series, The upside with Tavis Smiley. So will the fans forgive the veteran talk show host and ignore the unacceptable behavior he is been accused of? That we will have yet to see. The series is reported to be aired on The Word Network, a religious-oriented cable and satellite channel and streamed online too.

In fact, the series will be talking about inspirational stories and targeted at black viewers. Is he really serious? Let's see how his show fares?

[ CAPTION: Tavis Smiley with GeorgeLakoff ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

However, he also issued a statement via his Facebook account which makes us think otherwise. He told,

“I have the utmost respect for women and I have never groped, coerced or exposed myself inappropriately to any workplace colleague in my entire broadcast career."

Okay then, is he really innocent as he claims? He might be as Smiley is popular for not having a female friend. On second thought, it also makes us wonder why he does not have a female friend. But as they say, innocent until proven guilty, Tavis is still fighting for his status and name. We will soon know if he really says who he is.

Tavis Linked with Several Names; Know About His Personal Life

Moving on to his personal life, do you know he was in a relationship with a girl for more than 15 years? So who is this woman and is the 53-year-old host married or not?

That girl he was said to be in a relationship is non-other than his business partner and right hand, Denise Pines. Denise is Chief revenue officer at his communications company, The Smiley Group, Inc. So apparently she is no girlfriend, just an associate. 

[ CAPTION: Denise Pines ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

They might be secretly dating, as they seem unusual very close to being friends. 

Another girl he is rumored to be dating is Leshelle Sargent, a spokesperson for Smiley. The reason behind the rumor was growing intimacy between the employer, Tavis, and Leshelle,  a staff as witnessed by other employees.

[ CAPTION: Leshelle Sargent, spokesperson for smiley ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Leslie might be using Tavis for her career, according to the inside staffs. The rumor might be true but on the contrary, as they say, she is working with him since 2008 in his company, Smiles Inc, they are just related professionally. 

Another name, Fredricka Whitfield from CNN is also connected with Tavis Smiley. However, those appear to be only rumors. As far as sources confirm, Tavis is single although his name is linked to few ladies. It's a mystery why Tavis, one of TIME's 100 “Most Influential People in the World” in 2009, has remained single till the date?

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[ CAPTION: Tavis Smiley with Tony Bennett ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

No surprise, people speculate him of being gay. People generally assume that when one is not married. Neither there are rumors of him dating a girl nor there is any news of him being spotted with a girl in the past, in that case. So can he be gay? Who knows? By analyzing all assumptions and facts, Tavis Smiley is a mysterious man. 

However, it cannot be denied that Smiley is an extremely talented host. Now only the time will only tell if he is a man of his words or just acting naive.