Tattooed rocker Frank Iero and wife Jamia done with kids

August 20, 2015
First Published On: August 20, 2015
by HitBerry

According to recent reports, the musician Frank Iero and his wife Jamia are not interested in having any more children.

Frank Iero has been married to his childhood sweetheart Jamia since 2008 and proposed to his ladylove, Jamia on 2006 during the recording of The Black Parade. Iero already has three kids with his wife and apparently, they done with having children.

Numerous sources have said that the couple is not keen to have more kids in the family. Insiders are also asserting that this might be because of his hectic schedule in his movies.

Iero became father for the first time in 2010 and was blessed with twin daughters Lily and Cheery. Iero became father to his second kid on 2012.  He shared his happiness on Twitter. He loves his kids a lot and spend time as much as he can.

He is often a bit emotional while talking about his children. He said, “What I love about this parenthood thing is that, before they’re tainted by the outside world, there is this innate weirdness that’s only in them”. “It’s very pure and it’s very fleeting, and if you’re not paying attention you can miss it, and I don’t want to miss it” he added. Iero has revealed many times that he loves his kids a lot.

Recently, Iero was spotted at a tattoo shop before his performance at Saint Vitus. Talking to the paparazzi he said, “The tour was a total success, but I couldn’t stand to spend another night away from my wife and children. The night prior, I’d traveled home from Philly to Jersey just to see them in the morning. I squeezed in a few hours of sleep before I brought my kids to school and swim class”.

When Frank arrived at the parlor, he informed the artist that he had picked two tattoos.  The first was a set of numerical on his neck; the dates indicating the date of birth of his kids. The second was a small but meaningful section for his wife.

“I’m getting a noodle because my little girl Cherry told me that she wanted to get tattooed,” Iero said, sporting a Mickey Mouse hoodie. “I said, ‘Well, I think that’s a terrible idea! But, what do you want to get?’ She said, ‘I want to get noodles!’ And I thought, ‘well that’s kind of an awesome tattoo.’”

Iero is very much obsessed with tattoos. He has got many tattoos on different part of his body.

From a young age, Iero has been interested in playing guitar. His family has supported him throughout his journey.

Frank Iero is very active on social media. He has numerous followers on Twitter and Instagram. He regularly posts on these sites to stay connected with his fans and his loved ones. He stands at the height of 5'4".