What would be Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany's next clone character in Orphan Black? Look at her photos and interview

What’s interesting?

Orphan Black! That’s what interesting!

With its science fiction, biopunk theme, and a mind-boggling plotline that takes you to a whole new age, the Canadian series has managed grasp the attention of audiences worldwide. But that’s not all, what makes the show even more interesting is the seamless way the lead character transforms from one person to another. Tatiana Maslany, who plays the lead character Sarah Manning is quite the chameleon, the way she transforms so easily into one of the clones really commendable. And the way she fits into every ascent, that is just so damn amazing!!

Now I wonder is it really the storyline that got us hooked on the show or is it really just the effortless way Maslany channels clones as Sarah Manning?  After all the story did start with Manning taking the literal and figurative place of Beth Childs who killed herself by stepping in front of a train. Since then Tatiana Maslany has portrayed 11 clones in the series so far! Imagine all the grueling makeover session Tatiana has to go through to get her part correct!

Helena, Sarah Manning's psychologically unstable clone.                 Source: Vanity Fair 

The five main clone characters played by Tatiana Maslany; Sarah, who is goth, enigmatic, and on the run, Alison who is a perfect suburban mother and a lunatic at the same time, Cosima, a misfit hippie who has her own way of life, Helena, Sarah’s most primal and psychologically unstable clone, and Rachel, the posh clone.

Apart from these main clones, the newest Leda clone Maslany has portrayed M.K. Yes! M.K. who hid behind Dolly the Sheep mask, it was later revealed that M.K is actually Veera.

In an interview with BBC America, the actress revealed more about M.K’s mask,

"The sheep mask is sort of an image that we see first episode. The idea of masks to me is a really interesting theme this season. Whether it's the mask we wear as a mother playing that role or whether its power, aesthetic, where it says one thing about us where we might be feeling a total different other thing,"

When asked in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, what she wanted to bring to this new M.K clone,

“She was really fun. M.K. is very different, she’s got a younger thing going on. She’s lived through a lot and it’s sort of stunted her, so it was cool to get to explore that. She’s a clone that doesn’t have ties to any of the others and is sort of like a scared rabbit that runs away; so I guess a character filled with hyper intelligence and all this information that the clones ultimately need. Her brain just works in a different way compared to the rest of them.”

If you wanna indulge in any TV series this summer, I'd reckon Orphan Black is the one.