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Tate Ellington talks about his roles on movies and TV shows and how he feels about them.

April 4, 2016
First published on:April 4, 2016
by HitBerry

I personally love Quantico, it’s one of those series that had me at the edge of my seat every episode. I have to say Priyanka Chopra was the reason why I first decided to go for this show but the contribution of the other cast members made me love it even more.

One such cast is Tate Ellington who has portrayed the role of Simon Asher a gay, Jewish agent. There are many scenes where he does this crazy stuff like jumping over people and getting beaten around. We agree that Quantico might not have as much budget as a Hollywood movie so they might not afford stuntman but Tate did a pretty good job here.

In one of the interviews, Tate explains about his experience with his new role as he underwent some combat training for his role.

“You learn to flip over people’s backs and take punches, I got to feel like a tough guy for a little while.”

We have seen him in The Elephant King (2006) and also in Remember me (2010). We know Tate is good at comedy and playing normal roles which do not require him to do any exquisite roles or show off his athleticism, so didn’t ever need to look out for this stuff. Working as an agent in Quantico really helped him to tone his body and enjoy a new experience over all. “I’m used to ‘It’s comedy—you don’t have to be fit, But on Quantico they’re like, ‘Shirts might be off!’ ”

Tate could not hold himself back from talking about Quantico, it seems not only is he a good actor but absolutely loves the show as well.

“Totally! I love the show. My wife and I love watching it on Sundays. It’s the first time in a while we have to wait ‘til the next week to watch something. I do love good dramas, mysteries, anything like that.”

One of the main reason for him loving the show much might be the mystery. He knows his own role but is unaware of what it will be in the future. It’s not like Quantico is adopted from any other sources so he probably does not know what will happen next. Not only is he an actor but audience as well.

Tate is a professional actor having appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. His remarkable performance in The Elephant King (2006) awarded him with Best Actor in Brooklyn International Film Festival.

About his personal life, Tate is married to Chrissy Fiorilli in 2012. They started dating in 2008 having met in the audition of 90210, at that time Chrissy was one of the casting associates.  They don’t have any children.

As of 2015, Tate’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.