Taryn Dakha: Ex-wife of Romany Malco, age 36, Canadian Nationality. Why they divorce? Where's she?

Taryn Dakha is a 36-year-old Canadian Ice Skater, a model and an actress who once married Romany Malco, an American actor, and a music producer. But today, we have stopped by here to talk about why the pair had to call the relationship off and get a divorce; alongside the place where she resides.

Taryn Dakha and Romany Malco

Taryn Dakha and Romany Malco met on the set of a movie called ‘The Love Guru’ in 2007. In no time, they fell in love and got married during the year 2008. Taryn; popular for being the body double for Jessica Alba, her looks and body mesmerize the vast majority of the men around the globe. I always wondered why Romany fell for her, now I am pretty sure why he did; cuz you know she is ridiculously hot.

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On the other hand, both of them to a certain extent were quiet about their separation until Romany announced that he has been dating another girl and been looking forward to getting into a relationship. This cleared up the whole situation that they are not together anymore and indeed a divorced couple.

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Taryn Dakha

Taryn Dakha is a former ice-skater who is the ex-wife of Romany Malco. But after the divorce, she has been quite secretive about everything, from her love life to professional life; she is not ready to reveal any sorta information. However, sources claim that she is married to another guy.

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Furthermore; in 2010, she went to a studio for some regular shots of her baby bump; and yea, we can see her pictures with a guy. Don’t believe me? Well, see it for yourself. So, don’t you think she is already a mother now? I know, it is pretty obvious.

Taryn Dakha with her baby bump on display. Taryn Dakha with her baby bump on display    Source: customphoto


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Why did Taryn and Romany get a Divorce?

Well, there are lots of rumors about their divorce and their relationship after it. Most of the people believe that they had a smooth divorce and are still good friends. And some believe that they had to go through really rough times.

Taryn Dakha and Jessica Alba Taryn Dakha and Jessica Alba     Source: moviefancentral

Since the pair didn’t come up with real reasons behind their divorce, we can’t assure you how or when or why they called their relationship off. But we do guarantee you that they are not a pair anymore.