Tarek El Moussa's Wife Christina El Moussa is Hot In Bikini - See Her Bikini Photo Gallary

August 5, 2016
First Published On: August 5, 2016
by HitBerry

The host of a television series called 'Flip or Flop'; Christina El Moussa, seen in a Pink Bikini with a Sarong wrapped around her waist to make her look incredibly hot. The way she dresses up, it sure in the hell doesn't look like she is a mum of two children. Quite amazing, huh..

The picture appears as if it was taken inside Christina Moussa's closet; and she might be getting ready for the swim or beach party. The retro print on her bikini looks more fashionable than regular bikini,and all her clothes, it doesnt actually look like a closet to me, it's more like a boutique, don't you think?

Christina El Moussa, carrying her daugter 'Taylor Moussa'.. Because her daughter is wrapped inside a towel, the picture might be trynna tell us that they were just done swimming. And when she puts on her sun-glasses while in a bikini, it makes most of the men go crazy for her.

Christina Moussa holding her daughter's hand while they were enjoying view of the beautiful beach. The picture appears as if her daughterTaylor is trynna tell Christina something by pointing her finger at something. Both the daughter and her mum looks amazingly cute on this one in a black swim-suit.

On the left, Christina El Moussa, together with her friends. The way she wore shorts with the blue demi top along with her sun-glasses on, she looks the most prettiest among them. By the look of the picture, we can convince ourselves that they were there for the swim. 

The Moussa Family. The photo appears as if the three of them are pretty much having fun at the beach. Though Tarek El Moussa, Christina's husband, has a 2nd stage Throid Cancer, he doesn't seem to care about that at the moment and enjoying his best with his daughter and wife. Christina in a black bikini and her daughter in a black swim-suit, this is the cutest thing i have ever seen.

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