Tanya Tucker's Heartfelt Duets: The Men Who Shared Her Love Story

Tanya Tucker is a famous country music singer. She has released many successful songs including "Two Sparrows In A Hurricane," "Bring My Flowers Now," and "The Wheels Of Laredo." 

Tucker has never walked down the aisle once in her life. At the moment, the singer is dating Craig Dillingham. Now let’s dive deep into her love life.

Tucker Is In A Relationship

Tanya Tucker is dating her boyfriend Craig Dillingham. January 2020 is when their romance started. The couple doesn't hesitate to display their love openly.


Tanya Tucker and Craig Dillingham in ACM SOURCE: Tanya Tucker Instagram @thetanyatucker

Tanya and Craig are often seen sharing their affection in public. They don’t hesitate to show their fans how happy and in love they are.

First Met As A Kid

Tucker and Dillinham’s love story has its beginnings in their childhood. The two first met 48 years ago before they embarked on the romantic venture.

Tanya and Craig’s first meeting happened at a Fort Worth, Texas, radio station. Both of them were 13 years old. Interestingly, the singer has blanked out this teenage encounter over time. But for her man, the memory endured.

Getting To Know Tucker's Boyfriend

Craig Dillingham is a seasoned country music singer, like his lover. His musical background includes both family collaborations and solo endeavors. He was part of a family musical group before stepping into the limelight on his own.


Tanya Tucker posing with her boyfriend, Craig Dillingham SOURCE: Pinterest

Later, Craig gained recognition as an opening act for the legendary Ray Price. 1983 marked another noteworthy achievement in his solo career as he placed “Have You Loved Your Woman Today” on the top 40 of Billboard country music charts.

Failed Attempts At Romance

Before venturing into a romantic relationship, Tanya and Craig had made earlier attempts to turn their deep friendship into something more. It happened first in the '90s and then again in 2008. 

Those initial efforts to transition from friends to romantic partners didn't find success. However, these experiences seem to have played a crucial role in shaping the dynamic of Tucker and Dillingham's relationship. 

Tanya Tucker Loves Craig

Tanya has openly expressed her deep affection for Craig Dillingham. She declared her love for him in a candid statement to People magazine. She emphasizes the joy and contentment she finds in his company, saying, "I love being around him, and we love doing things together." 


Tanya Tucker with Craig Dillingham and Lee Ann Womack SOURCE: Tanya Tucker Instagram @thetanyatucker

Their connection extends beyond mere companionship, as in "The Wheels Of Laredo," the singer appreciates the balance in their relationship. She notes that Craig adores her, highlighting the warmth and care he brings into her life. 

Past Engagements Of The Country Singer

Jerry Laseter

Tanya Tucker's romantic journey also includes her engagement to Jerry Laseter in 1997. This set the stage for their plans to exchange vows in 1999. However, just days before the scheduled ceremony, she received unexpected news—she was pregnant with her third daughter, Layla. 

Faced with this new development, Tanya made the personal choice not to walk down the aisle while pregnant. In 2005, their relationship took a different turn when the singer applied for an order of protection against Laseter, alleging harassment and assault. He, in turn, denied these accusations. 

Glen Campbell

Tanya's relationship with Glen Campbell holds a significant place in her personal history. The two were once engaged in 1981. This is one of her most famous romantic involvements. Beyond their romantic ties, they collaborated on numerous musical endeavors. 


Tanya Tucker and her ex-fiancé, Glen Campbell SOURCE: Pinterest

One notable contribution to Tucker and Campbell's musical legacy is the song "Dream Lover." Following his passing in 2017, she paid a heartfelt tribute to him by releasing the song "Forever Loving You." 

Lesser Known Engagement

In addition to her more widely known relationships, Tucker had a lesser-known engagement earlier in her career. It was to a rodeo cowboy, as mentioned in an article from People

This engagement is not as extensively documented as some of Tanya's other romantic involvements. It adds an intriguing layer to her personal history. 

Other Relationships

Tanya Tucker has been romantically linked to several other notable individuals. Her relationship with Ben Reed spanned from 1987 to 1993. She also has brief connections with renowned figures like Merle Haggard and Andy Gibb in 1982, Leif Garrett in 1979, and Don Johnson in 1978. 

Each of these relationships contributes to the mosaic of Tucker's personal experiences. It highlights the diverse array of connections she has made throughout her journey. 

The Singer's Views On Marriage

Tanya has been open about her decision not to marry. She has expressed a deep respect for the sanctity of marriage. As reported in Yahoo!, she shares, "I have nothing against marriage. It's the opposite. I think it's very sacred, and I don't want to do it but one time." 

Even in the "Bring My Flowers Now," singer's current relationship with Craig Dillingham, she doesn't feel the need to rush into marriage. If a proposal is on the horizon, she emphasizes her traditionalist values, expressing that she envisions the classic gesture of a proposal "on the knee." 


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