Tana Mongeau Splits from boyfriend Somer Hollingsworth or is still Dating?

HitBerryPublished on   13 Sep, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

In recent days, the internet is going crazy with the beef between KSI and Joe Weller's boxing match. From past few years, YouTube has helped many youngsters to show their talent and to run the social media. In the same context, Tana Mongeau raised from YouTube and has been a recent gossip after she split with her boyfriend.

After Tana Mongeau splits from her boyfriend, people grew interested to know about her current dating life. People are now keen to know if the YouTube star is single or dating anyone.

Tana Mongeau splits from her boyfriend

Giving Tana a tag of drama queen won't be a mistake. Tana Mongeau and Somer Hollingsworth created some dramas on social media for last few months regarding their relationship and quickly ended it. Somer and Tana met back in 2015 and started dating shortly after. Somer was even featured in some of Tana blogs and videos

In April the rumors of Tana and Somer break up spread on the internet. Mongeau has been posting some outrageous videos on her youtube channel.

Tana Mongeau, source: pbs

But the collab with Kian Lalwy was way out of hand. Mongeau was seen giving a lap dance to a youtube and it looked like she enjoyed it a lot.

Kian Lalwy and Tana Mongeau, source: iy

Definitely, Sommer didn't enjoy as he felt blindsided and freaked out. The 20-year-old, Hollingsworth took on social media to express his feeling of betrayal.

Tana Mongeau and Somer Hollingsworth Source: We Heart It

Soon after the tweets from Somer, Tana did a live stream to defend herself. In the course of defending herself, she said the lap dance as just 100 percent of a joke.

Mongeau stormed the twitter after the live stream. Have a look:

In recent days, Somer is at UNR( University of Nevada, Reno) while Tana is in Vegas. So they were in a long-distance relationship.

Some resources claimed that Tana posted the irrelevant post with other YouTubers which made Somer quite unhappy.

Tana Mongeau dates after break up

Mongeau has 2.6 millions of subscribers and after the tweets, on and off relationship with Somer, it is sure that her subscribers will rise in coming days. So the big question is who is Tana dating in recent days?

If we take a quick look at the Tana Instagram, then the there are not much of post of her with another man. Mongeau hardly drops hints on her love life.

However, on Aug 1 she posted a video with a caption we never broke up. Well, another click baits from Tana. So Tana might be seeing Somer as in September in one of her video she ran into her ex-boyfriend.

In one of the tweets of Somer on June 8, he claims he and Tana are still together. But the things are heating up between them and there is no way they are getting together. As for now, Tana is single.  We hope in near future, she opens about her personal life in her Blogs.