Tammin Sursok attended safe kids day with her husband and daughter.

May 1, 2016
First Published On: May 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Tammin Sursok attended safe kids day with her husband and daughter. Sounds amazing.

The actress looked content with her beloved husband Sean McEwen and cute little daughter Phoenix Emmanuel Sursok-McEwan. Tammin and Sean got married in 2011.

The gorgeous actress Sursok wore a beautiful gray colored dress exposing her hot legs in short brown boots while attending safe kids day with her family.

Here, look at her and savor her beauty.

Look at them! Both mother and daughter are looking pretty. The actress gave birth to this little angel in 2013 and she has settled herself into the role of a mother quite nicely.

According to Daily mail, Tammin Sursok has always been passionate about causes surrounding children since her journey into parenthood and she seemed very happy and comfortable while she attended the very event to support Safe Kids Day in Los Angeles.

The actress is rolling on her early thirties and swinging her hotness all over. Tammin wore a thigh-skimming dress while she displayed her well- trimmed and silk legs as she arrived at the event with her two years old daughter Phoenix.

The actress gave a strong intro to a style as she wore that gray dress that featured white detailing around her waist and seams of the garment.

Now if we have to move our discussion to actress’s husband, then he appeared in simple attire of shirt and pant. Her daughter, on the other hand, was wearing a cute little dress to complement the sun weather.

All in all the actress looked very happy with daughter and husband by her side.

Scroll a little for the video to watch Tammin Sursok displays her trim legs in a gray shift dress

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