Tallulah Belle Willis was partying at parent's pool house the weekend before drowned man was found on their pool, pics on Instagram

July 24, 2015
First Published On: July 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Edenilson Steven Velle, 21 years was found dead in Tallulah Belle Willis’s parent’s pool house. Sources say that Velle did not know how to swim and had slipped and drowned. Later, he was discovered at the deep end bottom of the pool. Emergency services were called and man was pronounced dead.

 Reportedly, there was a party on the house on Sunday night, but neither Willis, nor her mom Demi Moore (who’s house it was) were at home at time of tragedy. Tallulah Belle , Scout and their sister were believed to be in New York City at that time. As per source, the party was thrown by the care taker of the house but Demi could be financially charged for the accident. The incident was discovered on Sunday (19 July) at local time 5:30 am.

Recently, Tallulah Belle shared some pics of pool party on her instagram and twitter pages. She wrote;

‘’This picture does not do justice to glory, that was our last night pool party’’.

The house was bought by Moore in 2003 and she lived there with Kutcher (who’s Tallulah belle stepfather) during their marriage. The famous American actress Demi Moore is also known to be a film maker, model and former song writer and has even appeared nude on pictures.

Tallulah Belle is younger sister of Scout Larue and Rumer Willis and older half sister of Mabel Ray Willis. Tallulah sister, Scout Willis celebrates her 24th birthday on Tuesday. Tallulah has been documenting the celebration on social sites over the week end.

TMZ, which firstly reported about the news of death, said there was limited amount of alcohol at the gathering. According to Willis neighbour, Demi Moore and her three daughters includingTallulah have been at house recently.

Tallulah Belle was born on February 3, 1994 at Los Angeles, California. Her nickname is Lulah.  She has a medium height of 165cm. Her star sign is Aquarius.

Tallulah Belle has been dating her boyfriend Lucas Vercetti for over a year now. Media gossips indicate that their love is still in honeymoon phase. Recently, the daughter of Actress Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was spotted planting kisses on Lucas as he wrapped an arm around her. The couple couldn’t keep their lips or hands off each other when they went Los Angeles for a breakfast. Puppy love was in air and the couple looked perfectly suited for each other.

As for the dead man, Edenilso Steven Valle, he was in highschool and was a great kid who never caused trouble for his parents. The tragic accident might have been great shock to the Willis family and to Velle's family. We offer them our best wishes and hope the tragedy is over soon. RIP… Edenilson Steven Velle.