Swimwear model Robyn Lawley shows off post-baby weight loss in pink two-piece on Instagram

August 2, 2015
First Published On: August 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Swimwear model Robyn Lawley has been showing off her figure after a dramatic post-baby weight loss in pink two-piece on Instagram. She posted the pic flaunting her sexy figure with toned body shape on the site.

Lawley gave birth to her daughter Ripley in February and has been taking some time off to enjoy the early stages of parenting. However, she appears to have already bounced back into shape. The Sports Illustrated model, aged 26, showed off her toned post-baby body in her latest Instagram snaps this week. 

The brunette beauty, who is originally from Girraween in Western Sydney, posed for Polaroid shots and said she, was getting 'back to work.'

In a series of shots, Robyn glows as she wears a bright pink two-piece and then adds printed tights into the mix.

With her long and luscious locks tossed over her shoulders, she lets her flawless complexion do the talking and appears to be makeup free. 

Showing off her voluptuous frame, she also gives a glimpse of her taut stomach. 

In February, the stunner gave birth to her first child, with partner Everest Schmidt.

She opened up to Instyle Australia about her post-baby body four months later in June when she said: 'I just had a baby. I feel like my body is so much more than curvy or not curvy, plus or not plus.'

She added: 'It's ridiculous that we want to put labels on ourselves.' 

The US-based star also took her gorgeous daughter to the Brands Exclusive fashion event and told Daily Mail Australia about her experience of being a first time mother.

'Motherhood is great, she's a dream and she's really cute, I like it more than I thought I would,' Robyn said.

She also revealed she named her daughter after her late grandmother. 'My grandma died during my pregnancy so Ripley's middle name is Dorothy after her,' she said.  

The size twelve model, who has openly spoken out against the term 'plus size,' revealed she starved herself as a teen in her early days in the industry. 

'When I was a teenager I would [starve myself] but I'd never do it now...I like being a model and being a body activist and teaching others what I have learned.' 

In December and while she was still pregnant, she told Cosmopolitan magazine about returning to work after having a child, like other supermodels.

At the time of the interview, she said she had looked at images of a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and models who bounced back after having a baby that gave her 'confidence'. She added: 'I just don't know if my body's going to bounce back. All those models had really great core strength before they got pregnant, and I didn't. I don't know if my body will return like theirs did.'

Robyn Lawley had previously shown off her body curves in new swimwear shoot for Cosmopolitan Australia’s November issue after landing a major contract as the first 'plus-size' model for Ralph Lauren. The 6ft 2in beauty flaunted her sexiness defying ideals that thinness equals beauty.

Those curves have also been featured on the cover of Vogue Italia, French Elle and as the face of Boux Avenue lingerie. And in photographer Steven Chee’s sun-drenched images for Cosmopolitan, Miss Lawley is refreshingly portrayed as an everyday model - the words 'swimwear for plus-size girls' nowhere to be seen on the magazine's pages.

Cosmopolitan's Fashion Director, Nicole Adolphe, said: 'Robyn totally embodies what a real woman is, and our readers adore her - so I HAD to shoot her for our special swim issue. And what a shoot, she simply oozes sexuality and is the ultimate Cosmo girl.'

Despite being profiled on other magazine covers with captions that read 'The model, who likes her food,' the Australian-born model says she is slowly making size irrelevant. 

'I've given up caring what people think,' she told People magazine recently.

'I tell tall girls, being tall and curvy is the double whammy! But confidence is really sexy. I love my shape. I love my body. I've come a long way.'

Robyn Lawley's shape and size shows her maintained figure at the age of 26. Robyn Lawley revealed her body measurements many times on her photo shoot for magazines. Her weight is just 74kg. Her stats prove she works out and has a good diet routine in order to have a skinny body. She is tall enough with the height of 6'2.

As stated before, Robyn Lawley had a dynamic figure as she displayed her post-baby weight loss in a pink two-piece on Instagram. Her body looked skinny and mesmerizing as always.