Suzie Wilks Divorced Husband Nick O'Halloran, Know her Life after divorce

If you are a regular follower of our news than then you must have read about the Abigail Spencer's and her life after divorce. And we are back again with the similar kind of gossip. A well-known Australian TV personality, Suzie Wilks made quite of buzz back in 2015 after her relationship with husband ended.

An Australian TV lifestyle presenters and host of six prime-time television shows, Suzie Wilk has been in TV world for more than a decade. Keeping her personal life, let's dig up facts about her personal life.

Suzie Wilks Divorced from her husband

An Australian TV lifestyle presenter, Suzie tied with Nick O'Halloran on 20 August 2010 in Melbourne. There are not much of information on their married life and how they met up?

Despite being one of the renowned TV personality, it surprising to know this beauty's married life didn't catch much of attention.  The information on how they ended up in married life is still behind the curtains.

Suzie Wilks, source: Zimbio

The ex-couple is blessed with a baby girl, Ruby. Wilks likes to maintain a strict boundary between her professional life and personal life. So little much of information is found on her family life.

Nick O'Halloran, source: PressReader

After four years of marriage, Suzie decided to end their relationship in divorce back in 2014. However, their divorce hasn't been finalized till now. Wilks and Nick are living separately till date.

Suzie Wilks & Nick O'Halloran, source: Wedding Style Guide 

The real reason for a split between this ex-couple is still behind the curtain. But in 2015, Wilks' estranged husband Nick O'Halloran was in court bid to prevent of a top-secret letter.

Suzie Wilks & Nick O'Halloran, source: Wedding Style Guide

Some sources claimed that this letter could destroy businessman Nick's career. No further information is on the internet on the matter of their relationship.

This ex-couple is not divorced yet so we hope in near future they find ways to fix the things.

Suzie Wilks's Life after divorce

Moving on from your past can be more stressful things in your life. When it comes to ending your married life then life probably will have ups and downs.

Apart from her professional life, Suzie somehow managed to remain in a single life. Single mom, Suzie Wilk's in an interview said:

I've been a single mum for a while now, but it's a choice that I made and she is my priority

Suzie Wilks' daughter Ruby, source: Twitter

Maybe she is too busy taking care of her kids and professional life.

As in 2017, Suzie's personal life hasn't made much of gossips. Wilk's and her daughter are maintaining their low profile life.

Suzie Wilks celebrates the birth of daughter Ruby Ann O'Halloran, source: Daily Telegraph

On the other hand, Suzie is not active on her social media. We hope in near future, Wilks' opens about her relationship in near future.