Susan Sarandon's Dating History: A Look at Her Famous Partners

Susan Sarandon is an actress who has been in some great movies. You might have seen her in films like "Thelma & Louise," and "Dead Man Walking," a movie that earned her an Oscar, which is like the highest honor for actors. She also starred in heartwarming films like "Stepmom" and "The Client." 

Sarandon is currently neither married nor in a relationship. In the past, she was married to a man named Chris Sarandon, but they are no longer together. Additionally, she was once engaged to another actor named Tim Robbins. Life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and relationships change. 

The Actress Is Living A Single Life

Susan Sarandon is currently enjoying a single life and hasn't been in a relationship for quite some time. Sometimes, taking a break from dating can be a chance to focus on oneself, explore new interests, and spend quality time with friends and family. 

SusanSusan Sarandon at the End Fossil Fuel protest SOURCE: Susan Sarandon Instagram @susansarandon

Susan, being a talented and independent woman, is likely embracing this time to pursue her passions and live life to the fullest. Whether you're in a relationship or not, it's all about finding what makes you happy and content. 

Looking For A Partner

Sarandon is on the lookout for a partner and is open to dating, It is something not everyone does at her age. She's a hopeful romantic and believes that she'll eventually find that special someone to share her life's adventures with. 

While some might feel pressured to rush into a relationship, Susan is taking her time, understanding that it can be a bit more challenging to find the right match as she gets older. The actress's patience and positive outlook remind us that love can come along at any stage in life and that it's worth waiting for the right person.

Previously Married To Chris Sarandon

Susan Sarandon was once married to Chris Sarandon. Their wedding took place on September 16, 1967. Their wedding was unique; it happened in a Washington, D.C. theater. What made it even more special was that the guests brought their things, even liquor, to celebrate the occasion. It seems like a very laid-back and intimate affair. 

ChrisSusan Sarandon's ex-husband, Chris Sarandon SOURCE: Inside of You Clips YouTube Channel

While Chris's family was present, Susan's siblings unfortunately couldn't make it, except for her brother. Interestingly, he ended up making his memorable moment by connecting with one of the bridesmaids at his sister's wedding. Life is full of unexpected and amusing stories, and this one is a standout!

How Did Sarandon Meet Her Only Husband?

Susan and Chris's love story began when they crossed paths in college. They both attended the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and their meeting took place in the theater program during the mid-'60s. 

It's fascinating how life can bring two people together in unexpected ways, and in Susan and Chris' case, it was through their shared passion for theater. It's worth noting that he is four years older than the actress, showing that age differences can sometimes add a unique dynamic to a relationship. 

Reason Behind The Divorce With Chris

Susan and Chris's marriage, which started in 1967, sadly came to an end in 1979 as they divorced. The exact reason for their separation remains a bit unclear, but what's remarkable is that they made this tough decision mutually. Sometimes, even when a marriage doesn't work out, people can choose to part on good terms, and it seems like the two did just that. What's even more heartwarming is that they managed to maintain a friendship even after their marriage ended. 

ChrisChris Sarandon in Thursday's Game (1974) SOURCE: YouTube

The former husband and wife's decision to get married had an interesting twist. Susan once shared that they tied the knot because it was the only way they could stay in school together. They made a unique pact to decide every year whether they would continue their marriage journey. Eventually, they both reached a point where they decided it was time to move on from their marriage. 

The "Thelma & Louise" actress even admitted that she never really had the desire to get married in the first place. Their story teaches us that relationships can take various forms. And sometimes, the most important thing is to be true to oneself and make decisions that feel right, even if they challenge traditional norms. 

Used To Be Tim Robbins Ex-Fiancée

Susan Sarandon was once engaged to Tim Robbins, and their relationship lasted for an impressive 23 years. They were engaged from 2005 to 2009, showing that their bond endured for a significant period. 

Relationships can take many different forms, and for Sarandon and Robbins, their long-lasting connection was a testament to the strong bond they shared. He was 12 years younger than the actress. The news of their breakup was only revealed in December 2009. They had called it quits in the summer.

How Had Sarandon And Robbins Love Story Started?

The love story between Sarandon and Robbins had quite an interesting beginning. They started dating in the late 1980s after meeting on the set of the movie "Bull Durham," as mentioned in an article from Vanity Fair. It's amazing how love can sometimes blossom in unexpected places, and in their case, it was in the world of filmmaking. 

TimSusan Sarandon and Tim Robbins at the 1993 Oscars SOURCE: Oscars YouTube Channel

After their initial connection, Susan and Tim decided to live together from 1988 until 2009. That's over two decades of shared life experiences, laughter, and, of course, the ups and downs that come with any long-term relationship. 

Had No Plans To Marry Robbins

Sarandon had a unique perspective on marriage even when she was engaged to Tim Robbins. Despite being in an engagement, she openly shared that she never really planned to get married. She believed in the idea of actively choosing to be with someone rather than feeling compelled by marriage. 

Susan thought that not being married would help her and Tim appreciate each other more and avoid taking their relationship for granted, as mentioned in an article from Today. It's a sentiment that suggests she valued the depth of their connection beyond the formalities of marriage. 

Has Three Kids From Her Former Relationships

Susan Sarandon is a proud mother with three wonderful children from her previous relationships. Eva Amurri is one of her children, and her father is Franco Amurri. The actress's other two children, John "Jack" Henry Robbins and Miles Robbins, share their father with her, and her ex-fiancée Tim Robbins. 

Susan's children have followed in her footsteps into the film industry, each carving out their unique path. Eva, the eldest, was born on March 15, 1985, and she's made a name for herself as an actor. Jack, born on May 15, 1989, has chosen to pursue a career behind the camera as a director. Miles, born on May 4, 1992, also ventured into acting. It's heartwarming to see the creative genes flowing through the family.

Other Relationship Of The Actress

Sarandon's romantic journey has seen its fair share of interesting chapters. After her long-term relationship with Tim Robbins, she dated entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin from 2010 to 2015. But her dating history is filled with a variety of notable names, including Don Johnson in 1987, director Franco Amurri from 1984 to 1988, Sean Penn in 1984, Richard Gere in 1982, Louis Malle from 1978 to 1980, and John Leone. 

In addition to these relationships, Sarandon had encounters with legendary musician David Bowie in 1982 and actor Tom Noonan. Her life has been filled with intriguing connections and experiences in the world of entertainment and beyond. 


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