Susan Flannery, age 78, opens up about her fight with cancer and her fear of illness and death

HitBerryPublished on   13 Dec, 2015Updated on   12 Sep, 2017

Susan Flannery, the veteran actress who was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years earlier, has been fighting a battle she cannot win, her doctors have said.

Sources close to Susan have also said that the doctors have predicted she may lose her battle with cancer as early as next year. Susan, who was once rid of the illness and said to be cancer free, has had a difficult time in recent times. Her cancer has crept back in and this time, it has reached a stage where it is beyond treatment.

Earlier, she had to leave her TV show “The Bold and the Beautiful” of which she was a part of for twenty-five years. Susan, however, did not let the hopelessness of death get to her easily and continued to act for another eight more episodes before retiring.

Susan has also confronted with her inevitable death and has been spending time with her family and close friends. She has also confessed that in the beginning, when she was diagnosed, fear crept into her and she was unable to do anything.

Susan said that she was always scared of death and it took a while for her to comprehend the inevitable. She has been all over the world for treatment, which has increased her longevity by little. Her family is devastated that they are going to lose such a wonderful person. They are trying to be in the best of spirits they can be in, for her.

Susan, although she did not formally get married to anyone, does have a daughter, Blaise. Sources say that her rumored husband left her and her child while she was pregnant and since then Susan has vowed never to let any man put her in similar situations.

Professional Life

 Susan, as an actress, is known to be one of the most outstanding soap actresses of all time. In her career, which lasted over fifty years, she has been a part of over two dozen productions.

She is known for movies like “The Towering Inferno”, for which she received her first Golden Globe nomination. Her other notable movies are “Shaft of Love” and “Money on the Side”.

Susan, who is known for her TV soaps and series, achieved her career high performance in shows like “Days of Our Lives “and “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

In 2010, she was voted number one in the all time top fifty soap actresses. She has four Emmy awards to her name for her performances in The Bold and the Beautiful.

When she left the show in 2012, the average viewers for each episode was 5 million, making it the most successful season in the show’s twenty-five-year history.