Sunny Mabrey and ex-husband Ethan Embry are being super adorable!! The pair, who divorced in 2012, are getting married again!!

August 13, 2015
First Published On: August 13, 2015

Actor Ethan Embry is being adorable (and gross) with his wife to be Sunny Mabrey. The actor recently wrote on his Twitter account, "I give @SunnyMabrey her sixth sense. She can smell dead people in my farts." 

This is a big year for the duo, who got engaged in February. Mabrey and Embry were married for 7 years before this. However, they got divorced in 2012 citing irreconcilable differences. They started dating again, a year later in 2013. Embry confirmed this on Tara Richter's FoXXXy Forum podcast. He said, "We both realized that the past two and a half years without each other was far more difficult than anything we experienced when we were together."

And on the 15th of February, Embry confirmed their engagement on Twitter, He wrote:" Beyoncé is right. I finally listened.

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh oh"

He also joked about the whole situation saying, ""It's great though because she takes me out to dinner, like I give her alimony, and then she takes me out to dinner with it."

We hardly think that would cause a big dent in his $3 million net worth.

While Embry is Mabrey's first (hopefully second) husband, she isn't his first wife. Embry was married to Amelinda Smith and they have one kid together.

We are hoping to see a picture of their wedding on Sunny's Instagram account soon enough. 

While he might be busy in his personal life with his ex (and future) wife, professionally, Embry says he would be down for a Can't Hardly Wait sequel. Embry voiced his agreement after his Can't Hardly Wait co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted that she wanted a sequel. She wrote:

"So proud to have been a part of this movie! #CantHardlyWait @cinespia"

 she also added, "Can't Hardly Wait reunion movie anyone? Let's get them to make it!"

Hewitt's tweet came after the movie was presented at the 5th Annual Movies All Night event, which Embry attended.  Following Hewitt's tweet, Embry spoke his interest as well. "Of course, I would be thrilled to work with any of the players involved again," He told Huffington Post.

 “Jennifer, Peter (Facinelli), Seth (Green), working with them back then, we were so young -- it was a tremendous experience at such a wonderful time in my career, that if all the stars aligned, I would be happy to entertain that possibility.”


Embry, who is currently working on the AMC hit show The Walking Dead, might not be able to dedicate his time but we can always hope for the best. According to Scott Gimple, who is an executive producer on the show, Embry's character on The Walking Dead will be based very loosely on a comic book character.  Fans have speculated that he is going to play Negan, who was a villain on the comic series.

This is not the first time Embry is playing a villainous role. He played George Mendell on the fairy tale drama, Once Upon a Time. While he is not in great terms with the people of Storybrooke, his real life partner, Mabrey seems to be the "good one" figuratively and literally. She plays the character of Glinda the good, which is based on the same character from the well-known Wizard of Oz.