Sunny Hostin's husband Emmanuel Hostin: Know in Details about his Married Life and Relationship

Sunny Hostin is an American lawyer, columnist, social commentator and multi-platform journalist. She is also the Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News. She has gained success both in her professional as well as personal life. Yes, she is living a happy married life with her husband Dr. Emmanuel Hostin.

A great marriage doesn't happen when the perfect couple gets together. It happens when an imperfect couple gets together and learns to enjoy each other's difference. And this imperfect couple, Sunny and Emmanuel learned to enjoy each other's difference. So let's know detailly about their married life and relationship. So are you ready? If yes then just stay with us.

Sunny Hostin and Emmanuel's love affair and Married life

Like many other journalists, this journalist, Sunny Hostin seems to be an open book about her personal life. And when she was asked about her love affair, she narrated her first met with her life.

Instagram: Sunny Hostin with her husband Emmanuel Hostin

She said:

"I remember seeing him for the first time when I was quite young. He was a decent looking person, unlike many other guys our age. I had just started working as a journalist and as far as I can remember, he was still in medical school”

Sunny added that they belonged in completely different fields, ao meeting each other by chance was out of the question, She said that their mutual friends took them on a double date. Sunny went with her friends and Emmanuel was with his friends. They met with the help of their friends.

Instagram: Sunny Hostin with her husband Emmanuel Hostin

As soon as she saw him, something just felt and she asked her friend to arrange another date with him. She said:

 "He seemed very shy at first. It was that second date that brought us together. After that, there was no looking back."

She said that she couldn't have found a more loving and brilliant person in her life. If she hadn't gone to double date, she would have never known him. And she added:

"I am extremely lucky to have a husband like him. He is a darling and has given me two beautiful angels. He is always there to support me in my good and bad days. Without him, I would have been nothing.”

Wow so romantic. We all are quite clear about the facts that True love is like a ghost, which everyone talks about and few have seen. And Sunny is one who has seen.

Instagram: Sunny Hostin and Emmanuel Hostin

However, Sunny is living a happy married life with the sports doctor, Emmanuel. They got married in August 1998 and are living a happy married life till the date without any divorce rumor.

Instagram: Sunny's children: Gabriel and Paloma

They are the parents of two children with a son Gabriel and daughter Paloma. We just wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.