Sung Kang and wife Miki Yim happily married and expecting a baby a year after their wedding

HitBerryPublished on   26 Nov, 2015Updated on   27 Jun, 2017

After a year-long marriage, American actor Sung Kang is reportedly expecting a child with his wife, Miki Yam. The couple, who tied the knot on July of last year, is pleased with their marriage, sources confirm. The couple is believed to be eager to welcome a new addition to their family – their first child.

Know the entire story below. Also, find out more about Sung Kang and his career right below.

Sung Kang expecting a baby

Despite massive media interest, Sung Kang has been keeping his personal life a secret, quite successfully. The couple’s wedding took place without much media coverage. The exact date and venue of their wedding are still a mystery. Also, seems like the couple has no interest to share their stuff.

Once there were several rumors regarding their divorce. It is said that Kang was not happy with his wife. But, close friends of the family have reportedly said that he is really happy with his wife. He considers the addition of a new member to his family an adventure and is looking forward to it. However, both Sung Kang and Miki Yam did not speak a single word regarding this topic.

Sung Kang has kept a very low profile regarding his personal life. News about the Asian-American actor is hard to come by. But, the news that he is looking forward to a new family member has made his fans very happy.

More about Sung Kang

The actor is known by his Korean name, "Hangul Hanza" inside his family. Standing at 6'1 inches, he is regarded as one of the most handsome actors today.

He has effortlessly perfect hair. It would not be unreasonable to believe that thousands of his fans were heart-broken when he was married.

Sung Kang started his acting career through a TV series. He started taking various minor roles in TV series like Without a Trace, Monk, Theater matrix and Cold case.

He got his big break through a role on the big screen in 2002 movie 'Better Luck Tomorrow.' Since then, he has frequently been appearing on the silver screen in various roles.

Most appreciated is his role as 'Han' in the Fast and Furious franchise. He has also made appearances in a video for a song by Korean band ‘g.o.d.’ titled "Lie."

Courtesy of his acting skills and his work as a producer, Sung Kang’s net worth is over 8 million dollars. Besides his acting career, the actor also ran a restaurant in LA called Saketini. The restaurant, however, has been closed since 2013 for undisclosed reasons. But, it is rumored that the actor is once again considering opening a restaurant in LA area.

With over 8.1 million followers on Facebook, he is one of the most famous actors in the social networking site. His Twitter account has over 200k followers, which assert his global popularity. He is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood today, among the actors with Asian roots.

He was born to an immigrant parent from South-Korea in 1972 in Gainesville, Georgia.  Growing up, he always had a deep passion for acting. Now, after working for his dreams for more than two decades, he has an iconic status in the entertainment industry.