CEO of Google Sundar Pichai, Net worth, Salary and Career

You are definitely living in a mineshaft if you do not know who is Sundar Pichai. Oh! C’mon anyone could hardly not know this man who is the BOSS of the search engine king GOOGLE. Yes, Pichai is the CEO of Google. Google is all we do on the internet most of the time.

Even though there are other search engines, we prefer to use this as it's user- friendly. Don’t we? Now, with that, you must be very excited to know more about the person who is the head of your favorite search engine.

Sundar Pichai Net worth

Before anything hits your monkey mind, the question regarding how much does this mastermind earns surely comes at the first place. Right??? In 2015, he earned around $150 million. However, some Twitter posts suggest it's $ 100 million only.The sum included his core salary of $652,500, his compensations of $23,000 and his award of restricted stocks worth $99 million and much more.

However, management today declares that his salary is $200 million. That is definitely a whole lot of money he earns all worth for his contributions to Google. Sundar was behind every milestone that Google played. He is well- acclaimed for the chrome browser and not to mention his key role in getting $12.9 billion profit by integrating the chrome with the search engine.

When you look at the success story of Sundar, your heart would melt thinking how a person can succeed with his own caliber and perseverance. Also, you would be motivated.Just hear his speech here.

More about Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, age 44 is from Chennai where grew up in a two-room house and now his growth is envious.Pichai has amassed a net worth of $1.05 billion as of December 2015. Sundar is from India, he might have many properties in India well.

We cannot reach into the details regarding what kind of properties he owns in India but we definitely know about his home in Brooklyn. He owns the property worth $6.8 million in Brooklyn. He bought his home sweet home in January 2015 from a television celebrity Boyd Coddington.

Sundar became the employee of Google in 2004. Then he was largely responsible for Google’s software products like Google Chrome OS. He was just a part of a small team until he came up with a breakthrough idea that Google should have its own browser and now it has become the most popular browser with 46% market share. He contributed in bringing Google Drive into action, apps like Google maps, additions to Gmail and much more. He brought wonders in the company. As a result, he was appointed as the CEO of Google on August 10, 2015.

Sundar Pichai has a very stable family life. He got married to his long-term girlfriend Anjali Pichai, a chemical engineer and have two children. They live in Los Altos Hills