Stuntwoman, Debbie Lee Carrington Died aged 58

"I wish I could Ask God Why the Good Die Young." Something everyone is asking for, isn't it? There are criminal all over the world who kill other, but they are all alive.


And we all hear the news of young, smart and kind people dying on a daily basis. If only, someone had the answer for it, right? BUT, what I believe is,  good people, suffer less with fast death. Likewise, we have a Stuntwoman, Debbie Lee Carrington who died aged 58, that's not the age to die, is it?

Actress Debbie Passed Away

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, the beautiful and talented actress and stuntman, Debbie passed away. More details regarding her death are yet not revealed. The reason behind the death is, however, a mystery. Whether it's suicide, murder, or natural death, we will find it soon after the postmortem result.

Best known for her diminutive size due to dwarfism, Debbie made her name both as actress and stuntwoman.

Youtube: Debbie Lee Carrington, Midget Hooker Kicking Ass

Debbie gave her best performance in over dozens of movies like Return of the Jedi, Howard the Duck, Total Recall, Men in Black, Seinfeld, Baywatch, and much more. Her work and strength were always appreciated by all the audiences and the project leaders.

We will miss you