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Steve Porcaro Net worth, Salary and Career

June 24, 2016
First published on:June 24, 2016
by John

Rock band Toto’s keyboardist Steve Porcaro has had his share of fame. From the band’s inception in 1977, Steve was there, helping his band to grow. Recently, his solo Someday/Somehow is also gaining popularity which remained in number one spot for two weeks in Amazon Japan's Rock and Pop charts.

With his career that has lasted four decades, it comes as no surprise that his net worth adds up to the massive figure of around $20 million. This includes his credit as a musician, his property as well as investment. His income from his career must also be pretty attractive.

Steve is one of the original members of American Rock band Toto, every 50s, and 60s dream band. Although his two elder brothers – Jeff Porcaro and Mike Porcaro were also involved in the same band both of them are dead.

Porcaro brothers in the Studio of Toto                                                             Source:

Unlike many other musicians, Steve was nowhere as confident when he started his career. Self-proclaimed weak-singer it was only later that Steve contributed significantly to his band. Although he composed the music, he only decided to sing because he felt that others voice didn’t complement his music. Porcaro composed the music for the song "Human Nature" and produced the synthesizer for "The Girl Is Mine" from Michael Jackson's album Thriller.

Steve has composed music for Human Mind and also contributed in Michael Jackson’s The Girl is Mine for the album Thriller. Similarly, he has also composed music for the series Justified. For this Steve was nominated from Online Television and Film Association.

In 2016 Steve released his first single Someday/Somehow containing 13 songs which became an unexpected hit.

In his time in the band, they enjoy vast popularity and fame, especially from their album Toto (1978), Isolation (1984), Fahrenheit (1986), etc. Their song Rosanna (1982) from their album Toto IV (1982) is a certified Gold hit and still considered a classic. The song was second in Billboard Hot 100 for 5 consecutive weeks.


Being involved in the band since the late seventies, he left the band in 1986 to pursue the full-time songwriting career. He, however, did help his band in various backstage music and preparations.

Born to the Jazz drummer and Percussionist Steve was introduced to music at an early age. Being the youngest of the three brothers, he got to learn much from his brothers. Steve married Pam Ross in 1998. Together they have a daughter Heather Porcaro. Steve has even helped Heather in her debut album The Heartstring Symphony. Prior to Pam, Steve was in a relationship with American Actress Rosanna Lisa Arquette. They started dating in 1980 before inevitably breaking up in 1983.

Although Steve is very secretive about his personal life, there has not been any rumors or news about his marriage falling off so we assume that they are leading a happy life.

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