Steve Madden and Wendy Ballew Romance Ended in 2015,Couple got Divorce after 10 Years of Marriage

April 19, 2017
First Published On: March 28, 2017
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You might be familiar with Steve Madden. He is an American fashion designer and businessman, best known as the founder and former CEO of Steven Madden Ltd which is a publicly traded footwear company.

The American fashion designer is currently living a single life after his divorce with wife Wendy Ballew. He got divorced with his wife in 2015 after spending 10 long years as husband and wife. He also has three children with his relation with Wendy.

Steve Madden Married His Director of Operations; Wendy Ballew

The 59-year-old American fashion designer Madden got his appellation with his company Steven Madden Ltd. Madden was convicted of stock manipulation, money, and securities fraud in 2002 and he was then sentenced to 31 months in prison.

Shoe Mogul Steve Madden

Shoe Mogul Steve Madden

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Steve Madden fell in love with his former director of operations Wendy during his years in prison. Wendy was the very first employee of his manufacturing company. As Wendy often visited Steve while he was in a jail, they started feeling for each other.

According to some reports, he proposed her in the visiting room of Federal Correctional Complex Coleman in Ocala, Florida. After being in a love relation for a few years, Steve and Wendy got married in 2005 after being free from the jail.

Steve and Wendy in their early days after marriage

Steve and Wendy in their early days after marriage

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The Couple's Romantic Love Life Came to the End in 2015

The couple was really considered as the soul mate after they got married. They spent several quality times with each other and they were really capable of creating the romance in their relation which kept them bonded in the married relation for a quite long time.

The couple has shared their 10 long years together and they are also blessed with three children; Jack Madden, Stevie Madden and Goldie Ryan Madden where Jack and Steve are twins.Pr

However, the well-celebrated couple and the parents of three decided not to live together any longer in 2015. Their good-wishers shocked to hear that they were divorcing after being partners for a long time. The couple filed for a divorce in May 2015.

Steve Madden and his ex-wife Wendy Ballew

Steve Madden and Wendy Ballew separated after 10 long years of marriage

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The very famous online magazine Page Six columnist Richard Johnson wrote about their divorce after he spoke with the couple. He wrote:

"They have amicably and successfully formalized the dissolution of their almost 10-year marriage by way of agreement, the terms of which are private and confidential."

After getting a divorce, Steve hasn't thought about getting married for the second time and currently, he is busy in taking his shoe company ahead in the international market where he came back in 2013 as a creative and design chief of the company.