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Stephen Dillane's son says he tries to avoid watching his father's show in an interview.

March 28, 2016
First published on:March 28, 2016
by HitBerry

Frank Dillane, son of English actor Stephen Dillane, has revealed that he tries to avoid watching his father on his show ‘Game of Thrones.’ Stephen Dillane is well known for his role as Stannis Baratheon on the American fantasy drama TV series Game of Thrones.

Fear the Walking Dead star, Frank Dillane elucidated why he was trying not to watch his father’s show in an interview with

“I try not to watch that (Game of Thrones) for a few seasons,” Frank told. “My father is such an amazing, beautiful actor. He is incredible and helps me a lot.”

“We do a lot of work together—we read plays together and he helped me to get into drama school. But I’ve found now if I watch him too much, he ‘steals’ me.”

The 24 years old English actor clarified his avoidance to watch his father’s show saying that he admires his father and his work a lot. His father, Stephen Dillane, helps him with everything and teaches dramatic skills as a teacher.

Frank believes that in order to excel in his career, he should slowly distance himself from the teacher-pupil relationship with his father and see him as an equal competitor in the industry.

Frank added saying, “Whenever I watch him, I am amazed at how brilliant he is, and it makes me doubt myself. So I have to be careful.”

Frank continued, saying that his father is an accomplished actor long before he was cast on the hit HBO fantasy drama series.

Stephen Dillane is one of the great British Shakespearean actors, who have given an edge to the movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth.

However, the incredible actor admitted that he did not find his role as Stannis interesting in an interview with French magazine Liberation.

Though he revealed that he does not have any regrets regarding his decision to work on the hit series, he told that he does not understand the series and the success it received.

Stephen opened up about his experience of his ‘Game of Thrones’ period,

The experience was very strange, it passed under my nose. For a role like it to me, I must get interested….which was not really the case. I was a bit overwhelmed.”

He admitted that he does not watch his own show because he finds the show very brutal and hardcore for his tastes.

When asked why he chose to take up the role, he replied that he only took on the job for the cash.

Stephen married his actor-director wife, Naomi Wirthner and the couple has two sons, Seamus Dillane and Frank Dillane.

Like father, the son is also praised as having an amazing talent and screen presence with great height. Stephen and his son Frank have appeared in several TV shows and movies. Actor Stephen has an estimated net worth of $6 million and his son has a net worth of $3 million.