Stephen Bear’s Ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby, What's Wrong with their Relationship, Know the Reason

January 24, 2018
First Published On: January 23, 2018
by Sam Smith

Can any of you tell us the name of any couple not having any problems? Can You? No, nobody Does? Everyone has problems in their relationships even if nobody accepts it. To clear out our topic, we are talking about Stephen Bear and his former girlfriend, Charlotte Crosby.

It is an uncommon thing to have a perfect relationship with no ups and downs. Every relationship has such problems. Even the heart has ups and downs. But, it is not a bad thing, don’t you think so too? Stephen and Charlotte had problems in their relationship, but they could not hold on to each other. Scroll down to find out what really happened to their so-called perfect relationship.

Stephen Bear and Ex-girlfriend Charlotte Crosby Conflicts

Reportedly, Stephen and his sweetheart Charlotte split after having a short-term relationship. Even after having such a romantic relationship why did Stephen Bear dump Charlotte Crosby? What was the reason behind their break up?

[ CAPTION: Stephen and Charlotte ][ SOURCE: Tagmag ]

Well, the reason behind Crosby being dumped was just because of her break down in a live TV interview. Yes, you heard it right! After Charlotte broke down in an interview on a live TV show, Stephen Bear dumped her. But, what made Bear so furious that he had to dump her?

The dumped Crosby had a meltdown after she got the news about her ex-boyfriend Gary Beadle expecting his first child. Due to the active feelings for her former partner, Bear had no choice other than breaking up with her.

[ CAPTION: Bear’s emotional message ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Stephen disclosed about his separation with Crosby via an emotional Twitter post on August 2017 addressing that the couple had split up. They were having such good time, but the fact that they weren’t right for each other came in their way.

How long did Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby date each other?

Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby got in a relationship in February 2017, when they started filming their TV show, Just Tattoo of Us. But they only confirmed it later on through their Snapchat accounts.

[ CAPTION: Stephen and Charlotte hand-in-hand ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

After making their relationship public, the pair had not put secrecy about their romance. Both of them met each other’s families and were seen to have a perfect relationship. Charlotte even was not remotely disturbed for sharing a Snapchat video in which she and her beau were covered in sheets only.

[ CAPTION: Charlotte and Stephen only in sheets ][ SOURCE: The Sun ]

There were also rumors regarding pregnancy of Charlotte. The rumors were started after her fans spotted a rounder tummy in a video posted by the actress in her social media platform. The video caused an uproar among her fans as many of them thought that she may be expecting a baby with Stephen Bear.

[ CAPTION: Charlotte and Stephen kissing ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Stephen also revealed in the OK magazine that he is planning to impregnate Crosby within a year and is thinking of buying a $277189.39 engagement ring for her. But unfortunately, the pair had to split up. The couple was not together for more than 6 months.

On the whole, the relationship between Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby has already gone way out of bounds as the couple is no more together. Pretty much wrong in their relationship, don’t you think?