Stephanie Beatriz comes out as a Bisexual, who is she dating Currently?

October 4, 2017
First Published On: October 4, 2017
by HitBerry

When the rumors of celebrities being gay come out on media, then it becomes a public interest. Fans surf hours on the internet just to know the facts. But some of the celebrities deny it whereas some don't hesitate to reveal their sex life.

Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri aka Stephanie Beatriz just came as a bisexual. So what's the truth behind it? Let's find out.

Stephanie Beatriz comes out as a Bisexual

Argentina-born Stephanie is an American actress and most famous for her role in Fox Comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Most of you might know the fact that Beatriz also voiced in the Ice Age Flim series.

Keeping her professional life aside, back in 2016 Beatriz hit the news as she comes as a bisexual. 

Stephanie Beatriz, source: upload

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie revealed her sex via tweet that referenced an Aubrey Plaza Advocate interview in which Stephanie opened about her past relationships with both men and women.


It was a shocking news for Stephanie's fan as this came out of nowhere and none saw it coming.

In the response to a quote on Twitter from an interview, Plaza granted she didn't hesitate to open about her relationships with men and women.


In that interview, the 36-year-old actress said "I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.”

When one of her fans asked to elaborate on the tweet, she replied with emojis of a man and a woman kissing.

Well, it happened back in 2016 and apart from these Stephanie hasn't opened much about her love life.

Stephanie Beatriz past affairs and relationship

Well, there are not much of information on Stephanie love life.If we surf the internet, there are just handful records about this actress. Over the past years, there is very few records of her dating life and relationship affairs record with the media.

Stephanie Beatriz tat Brooklyn Nine-Nine, source: Latina

But in some of the interview, she has revealed about her past relationships and said that her boyfriend and she adopted a Chihuahua-Pomeranian named Banjo. However, Stephanie kept the identity of her ex-boyfriend under the radar.

In an interview, opens about her coming as a bisexual and her celebrities crush.

If we take a quick look at Stephanie Instagram, this beauty doesn't reveal much on her love affairs.


Some of the sources have claimed that Stephanie is single at the moment. We hope in ear future Stephanie opens more about her relationship.