Stand up comedian Stephen Rannazzisi and wife Tracy Rannazzisi expecting their fourth child??

Stand-up comedian and actor Stephen Rannazzisi is expecting his fourth child. He is also deeply ashamed of the hoax that he created about his survival during the 9/11 terror attack. 

Hey fellows, do you remember American actor and stand-up comedian, Stephen Rannazzisi, who lied to us for almost 14 years about narrowly escaping death during the World Trade Center terrorist attack in 2001? Yes that same very Rannazzisi! He later admitted to have never been present in the place of attack. Nor did he ever work at Merrill Lynch’s office on the 54th floor of the South Tower, where he previously claimed he was working.He almost lost his job at Comedy Central after he admitted the hoax he created.

Yeah! That same very Stephen is said to expecting his fourth child with his wife Tracy Rannazzisi, that same wife who was then his girlfriend and whom he claimed to be working in one of the towers. And we hope that the news of him becoming a father again is not a fabricated hoax, after all he is a master of lies (wink).

Stephen, who is best known for his work on the FXX comedy series ‘The League’ as fantasy football league player Kevin MacArthur, is said to be ready to welcome his fourth child. A source close to the actor claimed that his wife was pregnant for the fourth time. 

A source, who claims to know a lot of details about Stephen and his wife Tracy’s life, revealed that secret to us. The insider also openly claimed that the stand-up comedian, who created a false story about surviving the World Trade Centre attack 14 years ago, was deeply ashamed of his irrational behavior. 

“It is hard to believe, but Stephen is all ready to become a father for the fourth time. I could not believe it myself when I found out for the first time. He and Tracy already have three children; two adorable sons and a daughter, so the news of them having another simply shocked me,” revealed the source. 

They further added: “Both Stephen and Tracy are over the moon after getting the good news. They are expecting to have a daughter for the second time. They have two sons but only one daughter and they always wished to have another pretty angel in their little family. And now, if the luck favors them, they might have one.

“And if a son is born, they are going to celebrate it equally.”

The informant informed that the Breaking Dad star deeply regretted his irrational behavior and his falsified story that outraged millions of people around the globe. 

“He is deeply ashamed of what he has done and he is doing his best to right the wrong,” said the gossip monger. And according to the source, the actor hopes to begin a new with a clean life now that he is expecting a child. 

He married his wife in 2006 and has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.