Stand up comedian Corey Holcomb and wife Maya Holcomb thinking of having a kid

Corey Holcomb is arguably one of the best African- American stand up comedians today. The funnyman and his wife Maya Holcomb have recently expressed their wishes to start a family as they fear time is running out for them.

Corey and Maya have become extremely concerned that age might catch up with them and they will fail to have children, according to sources. Corey and Maya first announced their intentions of having children earlier this month to their close friends and family.

Sources claim that Corey and Maya have begun referring to various organizations that help couples who believe they might have difficulty in starting a family. They have also been seeing prominent people in the particular field and the results have come in favor of them, say sources close to the couple.

Some sources also claim that Corey and Maya may already be expecting a baby. However, there has not been substantial evidence to prove it. Corey however has said that if all things go right, they might welcome a new member in to their family by early 2017, or god willing, even earlier than that.

Corey and Maya have been married for a couple of years now. Corey time and again has said that when he lacks inspiration, his wife is always there to show him the way. Corey has said that he enjoys his relationship with Maya a lot and at times some of his jokes have been inspired by real life events between the two.

As a professional, most of Holcomb’s standup materials are centered on different perspective of relationships. His area of interest is widely known to be relationships gone wrong.  Corey began his comedy career with the help of leading comedian Godfrey in Chicago.

Currently, Corey is working as guest comedian on multiple shows and has indulged himself in improv comedy on Television Shows.  Some shows where he is a series regular are “Comic View”, “Def Comedy Jam”,” Last Comic Standing” and “ Black Jesus”.

Currently, he is hosting his own internet show tilted the 5150 show. Due to its ever increasing popularity, the show has moved to the prominent Roscoe Media Center website. This year, Corey was also seen in his first major movie role in” The Wedding Ringer”.

He has frequently had roles in movies which have gained widespread popularity. Some of his notes worthy performance have come from movies like “Think Like a Man Too”,” Dance Flick” and “Who’s Watching the Kids”.

Corey is also expected to go for his second tour across America starting in April 2016. He previously toured the country in 2011. He is also expected to tour the east coat with cast members of “Wild n’Out” after rumors began circulating that the show might be getting snubbed by the studio.

Corey is also a regular twitter and is known to maintain a healthy relationship with his fans on social media. He can be followed on Twitter @thecoreyholcomb.