Stacy London Blocks Clinton Kelly on Social Media; Also know their Relationship in Detail

Celebrity feuds; love them or hate them, but one cannot deny the attention it gains. So, it's natural that when Stacy London blocked her co-host, Clinton Kelly, fans got curious to know more about it. The duo looked quite friendly on-screen but looks like they shared some differences all along.

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly together hosted the TV show, What Not to Wear for ten years. They both shared a love for fashion and provided people makeover in the series. In today's column, we will be discussing their relationship and the downfall that led London to block Kelly on her social media. Keep scrolling to find out more:

Why did Stacy London Block Clinton Kelly on Social Media?

Stacy London made the headlines back in November 2017 when she blocked her co-host Clinton Kelly on social media. Kelly shared a screenshot on his Twitter feed that informed he was blocked from following and viewing Stacy London's tweets. He captioned the picture " Alllll righty then." Check it down below.

[ CAPTION: Clinton Kelly's Twitter post ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Clinton Kelly realized he was blocked when the two were tagged in the same Twitter post. Kelly said in an interview that there was there was no beef between the two and he didn’t know when Kelly exactly blocked her.

He even welcomed London to his show, Chew if she ever wanted to come on it. The whole thing came as a surprise since the two looked friendly on-screen. Look for yourself.

YouTube: Farewell from Stacy and Clinton | What Not to Wear

Clinton Kelly had previously mentioned in his book I Hate Everyone, Except You that there was a little tension in their friendly relationship. Kelly said in an interview that they had spent a lot of time together and needed a break from each other. Kelly admitted that their relationship faced ups and downs during the show. Stacy London, on the other hand, did not address the incident until recently.

Did Stacy London Unblock Clinton Kelly?

On 17th January, Stacy London posted an Instagram picture with a lengthy caption that said she realized it was a waste of her time to block people. She went on to say that she could not do anything about other people’s behavior.  

Furthermore, London talked about how the people she blocked might not even look at her profile and if they did it did not even matter. She continued explaining how social media was not democratic in the sense that one could delete or block people they did not like.  

[ CAPTION: Stacy London with Clinton Kelly ][ SOURCE: Zimbio ]

London went on to say just because she unblocked some people it did not mean they were back in her life. She concluded the post by saying that forgiveness was important for her to find peace.

Well, it is still unknown if London unblocked Clinton Kelly yet. But it looks like The Truth about Style writer is ready to move forward by forgiving the people who caused her pain and sadness. Either way, we would not count on the duo returning to the TV screen together anytime soon.