Sportscaster Charissa Thompson of NBC is divorced already. Will She Marry again? Or is she dating?

May 11, 2017
First Published On: September 13, 2016
by HitBerry

Charissa Thompson is most beautiful and charismatic woman in the field of sports reporting. She has been working for Fox Sports and NBC since 2013.

Talking about her personal life it has always been a mystery to her fans but Charissa with great courage revealed the bitter truth behind her divorced. As this gorgeous sports analyst is divorced already, Is she dating? And if she is dating will she marry again? Yea this is also the biggest mystery!


Charissa Thompson confessed that she was married at the age of 25. And she admires her ex-husband and they have now become good friends. Charissa admitted she has always made decision recklessly when it comes to relationships and breakups.


Charissa Thompson shares a story about how she wanted to break up but end up getting married. She thought she was running away from relationships as things were not going as she wanted it to be.

But even after the marriage, her dream of happy-ever-after didn’t last long. Soon there were arguments between this couple and that resulted in divorced. The one reason behind the divorce she admits is her busy schedule.


Now Charissa Thompson is successful and still beautiful the question is will she marry again. As after divorced, she is dating Jay Williams a former Duke All-American basketball player.

Many people are assuming that they will get married. This is a big question will her relation with Jay last longer than her previous marriage or will she marry Jay or she will make a new boyfriend again?