Sports commentator Roy Firestone previously married his wife Midori Kawamura but divorced in 2005

HitBerryPublished on   30 Nov, 2016Updated on   09 May, 2021

Breakups are always hearted breaking stories to share about, and on today's digest, we are taking a look at another Hollywood star's married life that went south side and ended up in a  divorce action. Today we are talking about famous sportscaster, anchor, actor and radio personality Roy Firestone's divorce with his former wife Midori Kawamura.

The ESPN's sportscaster has been officially divorced with Midori Kawamura eleven years ago but the recent single status and low dating history of the actor and sports journalist still gets his fans wondering if the divorced couple is in some sort of relationship till today's date?

The resident of LA, was married to his wife Kawamura for eighteen long years and they looked pretty much into each other whenever they were spotted by media but the relationship ended with a divorce action citing the reason for divorce as the irreconcilable difference in the court of LA.

They were together for eighteen years

The famous actor is best known for movies like Jerry Maguire, Good Luck, and Class Act married the long time lover of his life in 1987. The couple was together for eighteen long years until they realized some differences can never be shorted out even after trying for eighteen long years.



The long time lovers turned married couple officially filed a divorce case somewhere in 2004 and got the legal permission to separate from each other in 2005. The couple is pretty covert about their past relationship and we don't know if they have any children from their eighteen years long relationship.

The reason for their divorce is irreconcilable differences

ESPN's Star anchor Roy Firestone has not spoken anything publicly regarding his split and legalities of the split with Midori Kawamura hence the media world remain unknown about the divorce action executed by the LA's court executed 11 years ago. So far we don't know how was the split settled and if Kawamura got her claims from Roy if there were any?

So, it is hard to speculate what exactly went wrong in their more than a decade old married relationship. though the couple separated around 11 years ago people still are shocked and the divorce is still a hot topic for gossip among Roy Firestone's fans till today.

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