Spoilers suggest that Vanessa Ray might be returning for Pretty Little Liars season 7.

May 1, 2016
First published on:May 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Spoilers suggest that Vanessa Ray might be returning for Pretty Little Liars season 7.

For the fans of Vanessa Ray, we have a good news for you. It seems CeCe Drake/Charlotte might be returning to the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars.

The sixth season of the popular series ended with some great reveal and surprises. After it had been revealed that Elliott and Charlotte had some kind of past, people are expecting some kind of back information on her. People found it no time speculating that there is something untold. The Recent spoiler has unveiled that we might be seeing more of Vanessa and her character Charlotte in a series of flashbacks.

Here’s a little spoiler:

“I hope so. We have a plan for some flashbacks with Vanessa [Ray] who plays Charlotte, and we hope we can get her back on the show because she’s on “Blue Bloods,” but that story will be told and hopefully through flashbacks. There is a rich history there between Charlotte and the character that we know as Elliot Rollins, and we’ll learn a lot more about that in Season 7 and why Rollins is doing what he’s doing”, Marlene King tells variety, however she refused to reveal Elliot’s real name, if it is not the real one.


Back at it. Start of season 7 ... @prettylittleliars

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The show Pretty Little Liars has received wide acclaim. The character Charlotte is well received by critics and audiences alike praising her for her charming and manipulative nature.

According to King, as surprising as the sixth season was, it will be nothing compared to the ending of the seventh season. Maybe like battle of Marineford to the final battle for Onepiece. Hail Onepiece!

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