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SPEED Channel Reporter Danielle Trotta still with boyfriend Robby Benton or not. Are they engaged?

September 12, 2017
First published on:September 18, 2016
by John

Originally from Westchester, New York, Speed channel’s reporter Danielle Trotta may just be one of the talented sportscaster’s of all time. The enthusiasm that she has for her job is just mind blowing. She is not just a pretty face to look at, this talented diva comes equip with a gigantic personality and loads of energy.

She is not only loyal to her job but also to her personal relationship as well, which might be the reason that even after so many years she is still in the relationship with the owner of RAB Racing, Robby Benton.

Lovely duo Danielle Trotta and Robby Benton

Danielle Trotta and Robby Benton with their dog Danielle Trotta and Robby Benton with their dog    Source: Player Wags


Currently, Danielle is dating Robby Benton who is an owner of RAB Racing, which was a team that participated in the Nationwide Series. As Danielle and Robby are very private couples they have to make us very difficult to know about them, however, we can easily assume through their pictures that they are still together and are very happy with each other.

Rumors of engagement

Robby Benton and Danielle Trotta  Robby Benton and Danielle Trotta        Source:

It is not a new fact to anyone that the very own Speed channel reporter Danielle has been dating Robby for a long time now and people are now desperately waiting for their big announcement. Even though there were lots of rumors of them getting engaged the couple has never confirmed the news. Let us see when the couple will finally decide to get married and announce the news to the world.

Professional career of the pair

Danielle Trotta Danielle Trotta     Source: Busted Coverage

Danielle began her broadcast journalism career as news editor for WBTV and she quickly worked her way to the top becoming a weekend sports anchor. She spent five years with WBTV where Danielle anchored six live sports shows each weekend, serving as a co-host of Football Friday Night and host of Sports Saturday Night.

Later on, she joined FOX Sports in July 2010 as a reporter for NASCAR RACE HUB. Similarly, Robby is the owner of RAB Racing which was a team that participated in the Nationwide Series and formerly, RAB had drivers in the ARCA and Camping World Trucks Series.

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