Spanish Singer Pablo Alboran is NOT dating Ricky Martin. But is he gay or not?

HitBerryPublished on   03 Sep, 2015Updated on   03 Sep, 2015

Paparazzis just cannot help making mountains out of molehills- whether it be about the love life of celebrities or about recent squabbles or anything else. This time around last year, Pablo Alboran was in a similar sort of situation. Even today, his love interest has also been a much speculated topic. Mostly celebrities are usually flooded with questions regarding their sexual interest, from same sex desires to who they find attractive. As for Albaron, there were a lot of questions surrounding his sexual orientation. Yet, what we can conclude from his reaction to the rumors surrounding him is that, one thing is pretty clear- even though he might be gay, he is not at all in a relationship with singer Ricky Martin.

When asked of his possible affair, he was adamant and strictly straightforward saying

 “It's sad that just because you upload a photo on Twitter they all have to ask you, 'who's sleeping in your bed?'”

Born to Spanish parents, the Spanish singing sensation, famous around his country for his unique style, further added: “It just shouldn't happen in this century, it's pathetic.”

Rumors had spread like wild fire after Pablo uploaded a photo of the two together on the social networking site Twitter and Instagram with the caption,

“Truly special working with you in India, @ricky_martin. Another dream come true. Lots of surprises in the next album, family!”

Nonetheless, everyone was eager to know why the two met in India, if they were not romantically involved? After all, it’s not a coincidence that two singers meet and spend time in a foreign land, that too in India. Nonetheless, it turns out that Pablo had met Ricky Martín in India since the Latin American star (Ricky) was a huge fan of the country. So, he thought of making him a sort of tour guide. Ricky Martin himself is a gay celebrity. Martin separated from Carlos González, with whom he has twin sons through a surrogate mother last fall.

Whilst in India, the two men apparently recorded a song, which according to insiders, is set to be one fine addition to a great number of songs to his name. After his release of "Solamente Tú" (Only You) in Spain back in 2010 as the first single of his debut album, the singer managed to top the Spanish music charts for several consecutive weeks. Not to forget, he also won multiple awards, including 2011 RTVE's Album of the Year. His first world tour dates back to May 2011 in Madrid and he has since performed in many more countries entertaining thousands of fans and increasing his net worth sharply. After successful tours in Argentina, Chile and Mexico, he released his first live album, En Acústico.

Only 26 years of age, the singer has definitely turned out to be one fine sensation. However, whether he’s straight or not remains to be known. He did have a girlfriend some five years back. Nonetheless, fans were sure that the hunk was attracted to men after the rumor of him dating Martin. But now that it has been clear that that is not the case, the big question remains- is Pablo gay or not??