Spanish SInger David Bisbal's girlfriend María Eugenia Suárez wants money for pictures together?? Also the pair might be getting married!!!

September 3, 2015
First published on:September 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Fame is a fatal thing, that’s what people say. In David Bisbal and his girlfriend Eugenia Suarez’s case, it seems to be true. It was recently reported that the Latin Grammy Award winning Spanish pop singer Bisbal’s new girlfriend, Suarez is smitten by the bug of fame. It has been rumored that the actress has refused to appear alongside her beau on pictures unless she is paid a heavy amount of money.

The newly hooked up couple started dating since 2014. Despite the pop star’s claim that he is happy with his beautiful partner, the couple has hardly been seen together like other regular duos. The pair rarely makes appearance at events in Spain and this has given rise to a suspicion about their relationship. But several media outlets have reported that the reason behind the couple hardly being seen together is Eugenia aka China Suarez’s refusal to snap pictures with her boyfriend without being paid.

 A few of the sources close to the couple revealed that Suarez, despite being approached by several Spanish magazines for photo shoots has dropped the offers because they were not able to pay the amount she asked for. The insiders also claimed that the Argentine beauty does not seem eager to snap pictures with her beau unless the magazines pay her 50,000 euros ($61,500) for a public appearance with Bisbal.

In spite of all the nasty claims, the associates of the actress defended her saying that the artist is not a greedy person. She has been refusing to get photographed because she wants to maintain rather private relationship with Bisbal. The associates added that the sexy actress was eager to keep her love life low profile as she does not want media to expose their private affairs publicly.

Eugenia might claim that she is merely trying to keep herself and Bisbal away from the prying eyes of media and paparazzo but there are several who say that the true intention behind this strange behavior of her is something else. A source claimed that the Spanish pop sensation and the Casi Angeles star are getting married very soon. Yes guys, rumors are high that Bisbal and Suarez are planning to get married.

The source pretty close to the couple revealed that the pair is planning to get hitched soon so they don’t want any of the information getting public. They fear that the hawkeyed media would follow them until they tie the knot and the detail about their marriage would be publicized all over as a scoop. So Bisbal and his soon-to-be wife girlfriend want to keep everything low profile.

Bisbal who has released five studio albums till date has number of hit songs to his credit. He has more than 7.6 million followers on Twitter and estimated net worth of $5 million. The singer and songwriter who often shares shirtless pictures of him on Twitter and Instagram is eager to exchange wedding vows with his beautiful girlfriend, Suarez, the informant said. The gossipmonger also revealed that getting married was Bisbal’s idea. He, who has a daughter named Ella with his former relation with Elena Tablada, is said to be very serious about his relationship with the Amor Mio fame and he was eager to turn their love into marriage. 


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