Sony to Manufacture New Robot, Features to Expect

HitBerryPublished on   19 Apr, 2016Updated on   20 May, 2021

Japan-based gadget manufacturer Sony proclaimed to work on a new concept, particularly the robotic concept. The concept is not so new but is the most trending as you see in the market. The CEO of Sony said that they established a separate department for robotics and are working on the robot with an ability to connect bond emotionally.

Before this concept, Softbank robotics made a robot named Pepper dog; claimed to have emotional intelligence. The robot was shaped with the LCD screen and was good at looks but was not as claimed. To the different time, AIBO [company that stopped manufacturing robots since 2006] made the robotic dog with emotional integration. But then again the concept was the total failure. Sony, now with the idea of those failures is trying to build a robot with emotional and artificial intelligence both.

Sony might design robot similar to this

Sony’s New Robot: Features to Expect

Sony now has an idea and concept of building a robot. The company now know how the previous companies failed. So, the company might start doing this project cautiously.

•    Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is far forward than AI as this system can generate the emotions to the robot. EI in robot; concept originated from the movie “I, Robot” is absurd.

Of course, it will help in some cases, but can be harmful to you too. Now think what might happen when the robot gets angry? On on positive note, the robot would get along with you when you are happy or sad.

•    Artificial Intelligence

AI is not the very new concept, as we can now even see the car with AI. Sony has planned to build the robot with AI to make it more smart and handy.

The robot, if made big would be able to handle tasks on its own and some industrial work too. The size does not matter as we have seen most of the new robots are small sized.

•    Audio-Visual Tech

Apart from EI and AI, the company also would build this new robot with audio visual tech. Most probably the robot would have better sound quality and full functional visual assistance.

Hirai in Conference held on 29th June

The conference organised on 29th June; the company unveiled that the robot would be able to gain much affection and would be one entertainment robot in people’s life. Also, Hirai, the CEO of Sony Japan; stated that after the completion of testing of the home-based robot, the company would step forward for the business edition. Further, he also said that the launch date to be before April 2017. This home robot now will target the ‘Pepper Robot’ and other robots with AI.

Sony Company is not the only one with the new concept; but also Asus and Anki come to the list. Recently, Asus launched the robot named Zenbo with the features pretty enough to be the smart companion. As low priced at $499, this robot might be one competitor to Sony.

Also, Silicon Valley-based Toy Company Anki made a toy robot named Cozmo, focused on making it more fun companion. Cozmo is tiny enough to fit in your hand and is specially made to generate fun. It’s still to be known whether these companies would beat up Sony or get beaten!