Sommore is single,no boyfriend yet, but enjoying life to fullest as a queen

January 15, 2017
First published on:January 15, 2017
by HitBerry

Do you remember a comedian actress from the movie Friday after Next, Dirty Laundry, and Soul Plane? She has also appeared in the shows like Showtime at the Apollo, ComicView and more. She is none another than Sommore.

Today here, we will be talking about Sommer's current relationship. Also, read more to find out her past affairs.

Is Sommore single at the moment?

Speaking of the relationship status of Sommore, she is single at the moment. 50 years old actress is currently enjoying her fullest life as the single. As per whos dated who, Sommore has not been married yet and does not have any children too. There is no doubt that she is not divorced or widow.

In an interview with the vibe, this is what she told them, "I date on the road. Usually if a guy is a fan of mine, he already has a perception of me that I’ll probably disappoint him. He probably thinks I’m something that I’m not".

The comic actress Sommore has produced and acted in "The Queen Stands Alone". Just like in the act, she is also now standing a strong independent single queen. Actually, she is also an author which is barely known by the public.

Going through her social sites, she is now totally enjoying her life. She is spotting dining in various places, partying all night long, long drive in the cold weather, sharing and writing jokes and more. Looks like she is totally happy and engaged with own.



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Sommore's Past Relationships

About the past relationship of Sommore, Sommore dated an American actor Earthquake. The real name of Earthquake is Nathaniel Martin Stroman who is also an American comedian, actor and voice artist. He has also worked as a host in a daily radio show.

Sommore has always been quite secretive regarding her personal life. She rarely shows up in the media and barely talks about her personal life. However, the news of her dating Earthquake is true. But as said previous, she has not spoken a single word regarding the relationship. The exact year of their relationship is also not revealed until the time. The reason behind their breakup is also not clarified till the date. 

Sommore and Earthquake

Sommore and Earthquake

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Short bio on Sommore

Sommore was born on May 15, 1966, and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. She graduated from McCorristin Catholic High School in the year 1985 and then continued her business administration study at Morris Brown College. Talking about her appearances in the television and film; she has appeared in the shows like Comic View, Showtime at the Apollo, BET and more.

She has also appeared in the shows like The Parkers and The Hughleys. Soul Plane, Something New, A Miami Tail are some of her notable movies.

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