Socialite and Presenter Tara Palmer's suspected of abusing drugs again which cost her a nose job

July 16, 2015
First Published On: July 16, 2015
by HitBerry

Tara Palmer Tomkinson got the public worried after she stepped out for Lady Annabel Goldsmith’s annual summer party last week looking very thin. The British socialite, who was out with her friend, British entrepreneur Ivan Massow looked very skinny. Despite the the alarming frame, Palmer looked delighted to be out. She showed off her skinny legs on a pink playsuit by Chanel, which she wore with a white top underneath. She matched her outfit with a white purse and a pearl necklace. As for her feet, the 43 year old donned cream colored heels.

A source told daily mail that Tara’s new weight was due to food poisoning. Tara hasn’t been able to keep anything down.

 Palmer has maintained a very private life recently. Last year, Palmer announced that she was in a “virtual recluse” and hadn’t gone back to drugs since 2012. Palmer, who has had a problem with drugs went back to rehab in 2012 after she experienced a paranoia induced nervous breakdown. Palmer has had a drug habit since a very young age. She was first treated for her cocaine addiction in 1999. In 2006, Palmer made headlines after her £400-a-day cocaine addiction resulted in a collapsed septum nasi. This cost her a nose job worth £6000.

Palmer claims to have sworn off drugs after she went to rehab in 2012.

  In 2014, Palmer told Daily Mail, “I really regret the first time I did coke,” she said.

 “It was with a boyfriend and while I don’t regret the fun I had on it, I do wish I had never started.”

However, the same year, she had a mental breakdown, as she tried to pull off her own hair at Heathrow airport. Palmer had to be arrested by eight police officials after this display of emotions. She was said to have screamed at the officials. However, Tara said that she wasn’t drunk and that the police officials were “nice” towards her. The whole debacle started when Palmer was denied entry to British Airways’ first-class lounge. Though, Palmer denied this, talking to The Sun, she said, “I was on my own reading a magazine. I felt people behind me taking pictures. I could hear them all talking about me and laughing about me and I got upset.”

‘It's nothing to do with the lounge, I swear on the Bible. I got upset with the man saying, “You are not fit to travel, you are crying”. I really lost my temper’, she said.

"I just wish I could turn back the clock. I have tried so hard this year to do well, and I have done well."

Palmer had a career as a columnist prior to her extreme drug addiction. However, it was later found out that the column was ghost written. She also wrote a few books in the 2000s, which again, were ghost written.

Even while maintaining her “virtual recluse”, Tara occasionally posted on her Twitter account. The socialite, however, isn’t on Instagram.