Note Social Media Star Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey living happily with their baby; know about their relationship

Announcing about dating life at late teens is not a big issue but announcing the pregnancy sounds crazy. Isn’t it? YouTuber, Acacia Brinley announced about her pregnancy at the age of 18 in 2016 and gave birth to her first child with her boyfriend Jairus Kersey.

Today, we are going to talk about the life of the star Acacia Brinley. She is living happily with her newly born child and her partner, Jairus Kersey. Let’s discuss the love life of Acacia and also, find details regarding their plans of getting married.

Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey living happily with their baby

Being a woman, motherhood is the best thing to ever happen to them. Every woman once in their life thinks of having a baby at some point in life. Likewise, YouTuber Acacia Brinley also had a dream of being a mother since her childhood as she had said on some of the tabloid sources. And her dream came true after giving birth to a baby girl, Brinley Rey Kersey on May 13, 2017.

CAPTION: Acacia Brinley revealed the birth of her child
SOURCE: Instagram

Have you noticed the date of Acacia being a mother. If you don’t remember, then let me tell you that it’s the Mothers' Day. Acacia had a wonderful gift on the auspicious occasion of Mother's Day. What more do you need? Let's just remember how she first revealed about her pregnancy through the song on YouTube in 2016.

Pregnancy revealed by Acacia Brinley

At the end of the video, you can see Acacia showing a pregnancy test with a positive result. And Jairus jumping up and down with excitement after the news.

CAPTION: Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey with their baby, Brinley Rey Kersey
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey with their baby, Brinley Rey Kersey

Currently, the couple is in a really high time of their life as they have just given birth to a baby girl. They are living together and are now engaged. Yes, you have heard us right. The couple got engaged after their firstborn became a month old. More on the news!

Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey got engaged after the firstborn

Staying together before marriage has been a very common trend in this century. One doesn’t have to get married to stay together with their loved one. In fact, living together before marriage will help you to understand your partner better.

CAPTION: Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey got engaged
SOURCE: Instagram

Likewise, Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey had been living together without getting married. Now after just a month of having their baby, the couple got engaged. The news of their engagement was revealed through Acacia's Instagram post.

CAPTION: Post related to Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey engagement day
SOURCE: Instagram

 As we can see from the Instagram post of Acacia, she had posted a picture of them kissing with the caption that hinted their engagement. According to it, the couple got engaged the previous night the post was made. So, they should have got engaged on July 22, 2017.

Any plans on getting married?

Normally, every girl dreams of getting married to their loved ones. And, if they are the mother of the child of their other half, then the desire of being married rises even more. Maybe Acacia and Jairus will get married soon as they have already been engaged. Look at how hurried Acacia is to get married to the father of her first born!

CAPTION: Instagram post by Acacia Brinley
SOURCE: Instagram

If you get back in the Twitter post of Acacia in 2016 then you can see that she had replied her fans that she is not in a hurry to get married soon. Even more, she had said that she and her partner will get married whenever they want.

CAPTION: Twitter post by Acacia Brinley
SOURCE: Twitter

Well, after having a symbol of love in their life, the couple might have changed their minds. And, also thought about getting married. The child might have come as a blessing in disguise for the couple as, within a month, the couple got engaged and may be thinking of getting married soon.