Social Media Queen Kim Kardashian Back With Instagram And Facebook Updates After The Paris Robbery

April 26, 2017
First Published On: March 22, 2017
by HitBerry

Kim Kardashian is an actress, Television personality, socialite, businesswoman and a model. The 36 years old Kim has made a huge fan by her looks. She is so beautiful and amazing.

I think its time I add an extra title in her name. After Kim is back on Social media her fans are breaking the search engine by her name. She has really taken internet by storm.

Kim Kardashian has millions of fans in Instagram and Twitter

Kim Kardashian who was called as selfie queen vanished from the social media after the Paris robbery. Kim was very active in social media before. She uses to update every single detail of her day. Kim has pretty much high followers on Instagram and Twitter. She has 84.3 million followers on Instagram and 48 million on Twitter.

Picture Kim posted a day before robbery


The beautiful lady uses to post her stuff, Jewellery and other branded items on her social accounts. Kim was held at gunpoint in Paris. There were five armed robbers who flew with Jewellery worth million of pounds. Kim was threatened with a gun after she was tied up. Kim had no option other than begging for her life.

Well, that was a very terrible incident. Some ex-bodyguards of Kim said that she was robbed because she was flaunting her wealth in the social media. They said that she was showing off. That might be the reason why Kim was not active in the social media for so long.

All her fans were afraid after Kim was offline for three days. We could see many tweets by her fans after she failed to update what was going on with her. She was disappointed, I guess. The beautiful lady apparently vanished from the social media.

Kenya West and Kim Kardashian


Kim with her children,husband, Kenya West, and mother


Kim reveals she could not sleep with four guards outside. Since she has been a victim of the robbery her life has taken a turn. Things are messed up. The wife of Kenya West is feeling very uneasy at the moment.

After so much time Kim was back on social media. Kim posed a picture with Jenner. In the picture, she is completely makeup free. That was in October 2016. She liked an Instagram post about not giving up after her husband Kanye West was admitted to a hospital.



Though she seems to like a picture and appear in her friend’s post she is still busy figuring out her life. The scary moment has not been out of Kim’s mind. The Paris robbery was a nightmare for her. She might have thought that being so active on social media may have given hint to the thieves.

Kim is in fear because her children may be the target. The only thing we can do as Kim’s fan is to pray so that she will get over the incident very soon.