Soccer player Shawna Gordon's hot boyfriend Shemar Moore brags about his girlfriend

Shawna Gordon, often considered the prodigy of American women’s football, is dating CSI actor Shemar Moore. Moore has been very out spoken about his girlfriend’s beauty and has even gone on to say that she is currently the hottest woman in sport.

Moore has even said the only thing common between Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Danica Patrick are that they are second place to his girlfriends when it comes to the title of the sexiest athlete.

Moore has time and again said Shawna is currently “#1 hottest chick in pro sports”. Moore has also gone on to advise spectators that “if she stands up and turns around you might just faint”. He advised fans to be careful when looking Shawna up on the Internet.

Moore, who has dated some of the hottest female celebrities in the industry like Halle Berry and Toni Braxton, was very serious about his statement regarding his new girlfriend Shawna.

Shawna and Moore began dating a year back and have been seen together walking hand in hand multiple times in L.A.

Shawna has also praised her boyfriend to great extent. She was reported stating that he has better abs than Cristiano Ronaldo. Moore also has said that Shawna is his ideal women and he has finally found true love with her.

They also said that they might announce their plans on getting married early next year. Shawna, for whom this is her first high profile relationship, has previously never been linked to anybody else on a substantial basis.

Shwana's professional life

As a professional at just twenty five years of age, Shawna has earned herself quite the reputation of being the most versatile and technically gifted female footballer in the world.

Shawna began playing football for her local team, The Long Beach State 49ers, before moving up in the soccer world.

In a span of just under three years she has played professional football across the world. Her first professional team was the Boston Breakers, which she left for better opportunities in Australia. In Australia, she was the heart and soul of the Western Sydney Wanderers.

After playing in Australia for a year, she moved to Europe to play for the Umea IK team. The club is the most popular football club in Sweden. Shawna once again proved to be a great asset for the team who were going through troubled times in the home league.

In early 2015, after playing across continents, Shawna moved back to US to play for her home town club Sky Blue FC. In just under three months with the team, her coaches and managers have already hailed her as the best player on the team.

Shawna is also the highest paid female soccer player in the East Coast with an annual salary of $85,000. She also has many endorsements with various companies which have helped her increase her net worth.

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