Snooker champion Neil Robertson, age 33, wins UK championship and breaks records; at the height of his career

December 6, 2015
First published on:December 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Neil Robertson, this weekend, made history by becoming the first player ever to score a maximum of 147 points on break in snooker. He also managed to win a second UK championship in two years. Neil has been getting praise from the entire world for his 147 point break – a milestone many thought to be unachievable in the field of snooker.

Neil, who is arguably the best snooker player ever to embrace the game, has already been given the status of the best Snooker player ever from Australia. Known for breaking records, he has maintained his record of breaking at least one record in every season that he has participated since he turned professional.

Neil, who was once at verge of losing the championship, bounced back in the game after the interval. The game at the interval had stood at Liang 5 and Neil 3. After the interval, Neil is said to have played some of the best snooker the game has ever seen.

Witnesses have said Neil was exceptionally magical after the interval. Neil, after the interval, went to score simultaneously 110 and 147 points while ending the game at 86. Meanwhile, his opponent Liang averaged on a 67 after the interval and on the 147 set, Liang managed his career best of 120.

Robertson, winning three in a row also managed to break Liang’s sportsmanship. The last set saw Liang give away the championship way too easily and critics have even said he did not even try to put up a fight in the last set.

The final of the UK championship was also the first time two overseas players contested for a title. Neil was so good in his historic 147 break point that even his opponent began clapping and hugging him and congratulating him after the shot.

Neil is just 33 years of age and is one of the youngest to have won the title, twice in three years.

On a personal level, Neil is as happy as he is on a professional level. Neil’s girlfriend is from Norway and her name is Mille. They have a child together who was born just eight days after Neil won his first World Championship. His child’s name is Alexander and he has stated that he hopes his son grows up to break his father’s record.

Although from Australia, Neil has his base in Leicester, England. His practicing club is the Cambridge Snooker Centre.

Neil is a vegan and has a strict vegan only diet, although he has never publicly claimed to be a vegan. He is so conscious of his vegan habits that he has said he has a problem with his clothes, snooker shoes and other personal item not being made from vegan material.

Neil is also one of the tallest snooker players in the world at the height of 6 feet. He has time and again acknowledged the fact that his height has been advantageous during the game as it makes it easier for him to move around the table.

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