SNL's Bobby Moynihan talks about the troubles of dating and having a girlfriend

Saturday Night Live star Bobby Moynihan has always had a comical take on almost everything. He has a distinct style of humor and he expresses it as often as possible. In his recent media interaction, the comedian shared his thoughts about the trouble he faces while dating and the problems his girlfriends have with him.

“I am slightly overweight. I am not that good looking and I read comic books. With all these qualities, even if you’re famous, you’ll have a tough time finding a girlfriend”, he reportedly told to our sources. He also reportedly said that he would have been better off if he had been gay, using his wicked sense of humor.

The comedian has reportedly stated that his slightly overweight body has caused much hindrance in his dating life. He stated that he wants to be married, have a wife and children one day. He hinted that he is working out really hard to lose some weight. He also added that, even if he had a girlfriend, he would not be able to spend enough time with her because of his work commitments.  The 38 years old actor has been single for a long time.

Just last year, there were claims that Cameroon Diaz and the comedian were having a romantic relationship which developed during the filming of an SNL episode. But Diaz publicly denied those claim stating that she was not dating Moynihan and the two were only friends.

But there are plenty of women who love Moynihan for his sense of humor and witty responses. So, if Moynihan were to look into his fan base during search for a girlfriend, he won’t remain single for much longer.

Moynihan began as a sketch artist. In the earlier parts of his career, he demonstrated his drawing skills through internet videos. He used to act for internet humor site before he gained mainstream success.

The actor received public recognition when he was featured in national television on ESPN Radio with Michael Kay. But he had been pursuing a career in comedy long before that. In mid- 2008, he played supporting role in the popular web-series ‘The Line’, which was directed by SNL head writer Seth Meyers.  The connections he made during the filming of ‘The Line’ opened the doors of SNL for him. He has been a regular feature in the show since 2008.

Moynihan has also made appearance in several movies. His performances in Monster’s University, Inside Out and Delivery Man are highly rated.  His movie ‘The Secret Life of Pet’ is to be released in 2016.

The comedian is very active in social media outlets. He regularly communicates with his fans through Twitter and Instagram. His Instagram is followed by 105k people.

His net worth is estimated to be $1 million dollars.