Find out why using smartphones are bad for your health! Jabbing and Tapping on phone continuously leads to some serious problems regarding your health

February 15, 2018
First Published On: April 16, 2017
by HitBerry

The use of smartphones is bad for your health; do you agree? The use of a smartphone for a longer period could cause some serious health problems. For the starters, the symptoms start from low brain power; eye problems and ultimately leads to some serious damage to your health. Which phone do you use? Is it iPhone, Android or Windows? Does it matter? No! The total time on using smartphones is not aggravating; rather it affects you. The use of smartphones for a status update, system upgrades, and entertainment is surely your daily uses, but jabbing phone continuously leads to an eye infection, neck problems, depression and more.

Wrecks your Sex Life

‘I am busy with my friends, later Dear!’ ‘I am uploading status on Facebook; we can continue later!’ more than 40 percent of people use phone delaying their sex Most of the people use their smartphone leaning on the bed. The survey conducted by Durham University, UK concluded that more than 40 percent of individuals delay their sex time by using a smartphone. Not just that, the people also got out of track from the game just to see the live feed. Such incidents could affect your relation and bonds with the loved one. This cause depression and a tension which leads to influence sex life. “Switch off your Phone when you are in Bed!

Escalation of Back and Neck Problems

problems in neck and backbone because of phone The obsession with phones can lead to an escalation of Back and Neck problem. People spend more time on leaning over phone display than relaxing which causes pressure on spinal shells. The using style of the smartphone depends on upon the total effect on a person. Most of the people lean 30 to 40 percent of their body which causes more pressure on the neck. Using smartphone by bending neck is ‘text neck’ syndrome that targets over 16-25 years old youngsters. “Define the posture of your body before using a smartphone!

Threaten Friendship

friends who do not care of others when connected with phone On holidays, you surely search for a new way to relax, with your friends and family. Most of the people would be busy in social networking and gaming rather than talk and be sharing ideas with friends. That’s not the limit; you will start taking and uploading pictures in your media to get enough likes and comments from friends. What happens next? You do not get many likes as expected and get confused or annoyed. “Share your pictures at a limit, or you can leave smartphone in a hotel while travelling!

Eye Damage

use phone where enough light is available The rate of short-sightedness and temporary blindness is some common issues wheeled due to overuse of smartphone. The research showed that the light radiated from the screen could lead to such problems. A woman in the UK suffered from one eye blindness just because of gazing through phones in dark. She thought the issue to be permanent and visited medical. The result was disturbing as the brain was functioning normally. Later the research made it clear about infirmity as ‘Smartphone Blindness’. “Use smartphone only when there is sufficient light around you!

Not as much of Sleep and Rest

sleep more than using your phone Our body needs the substantial amount of rest. Typically, it is recommended to take rest for 6 hours a day. Thanks to tech advancement, people do not sleep as much as they use a smartphone. The people use phones in bed; the continuous exposure of the eye to the bright display sends a false signal to the brain. The brain then becomes alert for few more hours after you go to bed. Thus, you will not be able to get enough rest. Not just that, the simulation with the light of phone makes you lazy. “Stop using your phone at least for a certain time before jumping to bed.

Other Effects of Smartphone upon you!


The use of a smartphone can take you out of depression, as well as make you jump into the pond of depression. The smartphone is one way for social bullying and blackmailing too. The conscious people love to travel with friends and family while the people connected with phones loves to go alone.


People might get obsessed with using phones on a regular basis. The obsession is one hard thing that makes you careless. Using phone while walking is dangerous


The accidents record in the world points the use of a smartphone while walking and driving. Most of the people are obsessed with using a phone while walking or while driving. The research conducted by ‘University of Washington’ found that people on foot are careless with traffic lights more than people on vehicles.

Thumb Operation

Pain on a thumb, is it? Well, you are not just one. Four out of ten people involve in uneasiness in their thumb due to immense tapping and touching the phone while chatting.

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You are walking on the road using, you phone and Alas! You step on someone else foot! What would you do? Will you apologise and stop using a phone or continue using your phone? It is another common problem while using a phone on the road.

Concentration Failure

The maximum usage of your brain makes you lazy. The power used by brain while facing smartphone is double than the usual. Due to this, people cannot focus on something entirely.