Singer-Songwriter, Melissa Auf der Maur and her husband, Tony expecting another baby?

March 23, 2016
First Published On: March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Popular singer Melissa Auf der Maur and her husband who as of now have one daughter, River stone might be expecting another baby sometime this year. However confirmation on the development of a forth coming baby is not substantial enough to make it a solid expectation.

It has been suggested that Melissa and Tony have been spotted outside of several maternity classes. Melissa and Tony are known to be a very private couple and had meticulously kept their last pregnancy a clandestine affair.

Melissa married her husband, Tony a couple of years before the birth of her first child. She has also several times mentioned how she would like to have several children. While she loves children and spending time with them gives her joy.

Melissa as a professional is a very celebrated artist. Some of her most well-known songs happen to be “Celebrity Skin” ,  “Violet” ,  “Stand Inside Your Love” , “ Taste You” , “ I Think That I would Die” and “Heaven Tonight”.

She also held several tours with her various bands and her tours were known to be very energetic and full of energy. She was widely followed by her fans in the USA and other countries where she and her bands “Tinker”, “hole”, “The Smashing pumpkins”, “Team Sleep” and “The Chelsea” toured.

Her genre in itself was a very unique approach to modern day rock music, the music being very soothing on its own way to her listeners and fans. She found success at an early age, especially due to her exceptional talent with the guitar and also her extraordinary voice.

Melissa ascertains that as a professional she is a musician. However she has also alternative careers that being an actress and a photographer. Some of her well known movies include “Out Of Our Minds”, “Collaborators” and “Beyond Borders”.

As of now it has been rumored that she might have taken a hiatus from music because she and her husband are working on a couple of independent projects together. And also she wants to occupy herself with raising her daughter in a proper manner where she is able to give all of her undivided attention to her.

She is also known as a record producer and she hopes she can sign the up and coming talent who make music similar to hers so that they can have a place in the competitive market there is today. She and her husband are currently spending most of their time in their performing arts center, “Basilica Hudson” that they own in New York.

Melissa is just forty four years old. It has been rumored she wishes to have at least three children before she turns fifty. She is 5 feet seven inches tall in height. Her net worth remains to be undisclosed.