Singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson and husband Angelo Spencer, married since 2006, getting a divorce

HitBerryPublished on   04 Dec, 2015Updated on   10 May, 2021

Singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson and husband Angelo Spencer, who have been married since 2006, are getting a divorce, rumor has it.


The American singer-songwriter, who is most popular as a solo performer and as one-half of The Moldy Peaches, is said to be on her way to get a divorce from her better half Spencer after separating from him a few years ago.

Kimya Dawson and Angelo Spencer Marital Relationship 

The couple tied the knot back in 2006. Spencer is also a musician like Dawson. They were happily married and welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Panda Delilah, the same year. After the birth of their baby, the pair moved to Olympia, Washington with her in the latter half of 2006.

The couple even took some time off from their hectic schedule and musical tours in order to spend time with their daughter. They toured for a few months and played only occasional local shows.

Kimya Dawson and Angelo Spencer Divorce

Though no official announcement was made by either, Dawson and Spencer have separated and have already filed for divorce as well. We don’t know the exact time and date of their separation, but we do know that they are no longer a couple.

The heavily tattooed artist, since her separation, has been living on her own with her daughter Panda. And now, a source close to the star has given us further information about the couple’s alleged divorce procedure. The insider, who claims to have every single detail on the long-separated couple, has come forth and revealed that Dawson and Spencer are finally getting a divorce.

“The couple split after the birth of their baby, but they had not divorced yet for the sake of the baby. Now, after several years, Kimya and Angelo have finally decided to officially file for a divorce. They are going to end their relationship and this time it will be official,” revealed the source.

The informant further added:

“Nobody had expected Kimya and Angelo to get a divorce after such a long time. The families and friends of this couple are in a state of shock as they were not ready for the divorce and all. The separation was enough to blow away their minds and now this divorce is sure to give a few of their relatives a heart attack.”

The Remember That I Love You hit maker’s family was expecting the couple to reconcile for their one and only daughter, but they didn’t. “Kimya’s family and her in-laws had expected the couple to reconcile just for their baby girl’s future, but their decision to end it has broken their hearts,” stated the insider.

The source also informed us that the couple has filed for the divorce with mutual understanding and they would be taking care of Panda together. We hope that the singer and songwriter have a close relationship with her former husband for the sake of their child in spite of the soon to be divorce.

The music maker, who has penned down and composed several hit songs and albums, neither has a boyfriend nor is she dating anyone at the moment.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.