Singer/Song-writer Paula Abdul, aged 53, at Special Olympics Celebrity Dance Challenge with Nicole Scherzinger

August 2, 2015
First Published On: August 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Singer/Song-writer Paula Abdul aged 53, was recently seen at the Special Olympics Celebrity Dance Challenge with singer Nicole Scherzinger. She won the heart of the masses by singing at the Opening Night ceremony of the Special Olympics Celebrity Dance Challenge.

During the appearance, Scherzinger tackled her dancer roots as the former Pussycat Doll attended the Nigel Lythgoe organized competition with choreographer and pop-star Paula Abdul.

Nicole, 37, looked stunning in a deep-cut skater style black and white designer dress which displayed her lavish asset and golden tan. Her makeup was crisp, with a pop of her typical red lipstick and a manicure to match. The leggy beauty wore her sleek ombre locks around her shoulders and ended her look with a simple peep toe high heeled shoes which made her look magnificent.

Pop-star Paula was in perfect sync with Nicole as they both chose neutral outfit.  The 53-year-old blushed with youthful sparkle as she displayed her trim shape in a lace-edged suited dress which made the most of her toned arms. The singer and choreographer added a unique clutch bag which looked like a huge ace of spades. 

Paula looked a lot younger than her actual age in her fitted dress as she flung her trousers in the air while she worked her curvy hips during the show. As for her entertaining dance partner and host of The Late Show, James Corden, he proved that he is not one to back down from risky moves. Dressed in a furry cat suit, the 36-year-old comedian showed off his inspiring dance moves along 80s pop star Paula Abdul, 53, as they recreated the video of her hit song, Opposite Attract. The Brit took on the character of cartoon cat M.C. Skat Cat in the humorous remake, as he swung his tail across the studio, while trying a tight vest and white high-top trainers.

The two spun around the stage as they recreated the settings from the original video, which saw an immature Paula, take on the world with her furry friend. In one amusing scene Paula and James lay in bed together, as they fought over the silk sheets through the song that talks about a couple who find it impractical to get on. 

Abdul, whose professional life is going very well, has seen a lot of ups and downs in her personal life. She married Emilio Estevez in 1992 but they divorced in 1994. Afterwards, she dated clothing designer Brad Beckerman, but they again divorced indicating irreconcilable differences. Abdul came to Dr. Phil as part of the prime time show's feature on love and relationships.

Abdul disclosed that she had started dating, J. T. Torregiani, a restaurant owner 12 years her junior. She confessed,” He is a good guy. Things seem upwards. It's looking fine right now. I wasn't even looking for someone and that's what generally happens". Abdul and Torregiani also broke up, due to their hectic work routine. All in all, she had more than one husband but she failed to take her relationship to take to the next level and got divorced each time.

Paula Abdul has done amazing works in her career which has made her popular and has earned her many fans on social networking sites such as on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well. Paula, who is of American/Canadian ethnicity, is not very tall as she has a height of 5ft. Her pictures make men swoon. She can be counted as one of the most interesting personalities in the entertainment industry. She is an in born-talent and is very passionate about the things she does.

Abdul has been very successful in her career and yet she is down to earth. Her net worth is $30 million. Her songs are as amazing as her personality and she is truly a rockstar.